Category: Gait Pressure Mapping

2013 – Wheelchair Cushion Showcase

Selecting the right cushion is critical in achieving optimum outcomes for mobility users. Learn about features built into the latest products that help provide performance and comfort for end users. Aquila Corporation Phone: (866) 782-9658 Website: Email: [email protected] Product: APK2 The APK2 is a pressure ulcer treatment and prevention cushion. The cushion’s technology is […]

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Keeping Pace with Technology

Combining high- and low-tech approaches to enahance outcomes in gait and balance training and assessment by Beth Salvo Myers, MSPT Technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of our daily lives. It is not surprising that it also has made its way into our therapy clinics. Technology offers new ways to measure what was previously subjective, […]

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Assessment Is the First Step

Pediatric patients with mobility issues present unique challenges in rehabilitation. In the teen years, assessment and treatment are similar to those used in an adult population. Younger children may require playful approaches employing games and

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