CIR Systems Inc, manufacturer of the GAITrite gait analysis systems, announces it has moved to a larger facility.

The new facility more than doubles the company’s production space and triples its production capacity, per the release.

Five new countries were added to CIR Systems’ client base in the past year. The company now supports 32 countries around the world, along with almost every state in the US and most of the Canadian Provinces.

Product launches in the past year include three new models in the GAITrite Roll Up walkway systems line, as well as the new GAITrite Surface System, per a release from the company.

The GAITrite Surface System includes not only straight-line smooth-surface walking but “Real World Walking.” The system is based on a calibrated sensor providing 24 levels of pressure (252 levels optional), the release explains.

The “Real World Walking” model allows users to configure an active area of any width and length, as well as embedded steps and curbs to analyze how subjects interact with the real world, day-to-day environment, the release continues.

For more information, visit CIR Systems Inc.

[Source: CIR Systems Inc]