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How Robotic Training Helps Kids with Cerebral Palsy Sit More Stably

Researchers at Columbia Engineering report that their newly developed robotic Trunk Support Trainer (TruST), when combined with active practice of postural movements, improves trunk and reaching control in children with ceerebral palsy (CP) who have impaired sitting control.

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Getting REAL About Functional Therapy

Functional, task-specific treatment comes of age as a critical factor in making service delivery more efficient and providing excellent patient outcomes. A feature for the Rehab Management 2017 Product Directory by Tracie Hunnicutt, MS, CCC-SLP; Julie Clement, OTR; and Susan Adix, PT.

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Gaining Ground Against Neurological Injury

Elizabeth Watson, PT, DPT, NCS, shares how an intensive, boot camp-style, activity-based program fosters recovery and emotional well-being, in this feature for the March 2020 issue of Rehab Management.

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Fall Risk and Fall Prevention in Older Adults

The physical and financial cost of falls is staggering, but risk assessment, lifestyle adjustments, and home modifications mean falling does not have to be a fact of aging, shares Donna Bainbridge, PT, EdD, AT-Ret, CIFT, in this feature for the November/December 2019 issue of Rehab Management.