The Walker Squawker — a cheery, artfully crafted animatronic bird designed to perch playfully atop of walking devices — is now available from Ageless Innovation. Created to deliver joy, fun, and companionship, this realistic bird aims to create a more positive relationship between older adults and their walkers.

Invented by 93-year-old Rita Melone, an older adult determined to improve her own experience with her walker, the Walker Squawker was designed to serve as a playful reminder to use one’s walker by providing the user with an interactive and personalized “sidekick.” When placed on a walker, the Walker Squawker will sing and play songs as older loved ones move along, ultimately providing joy and fun through playful sounds, interactions, and companionship.

Complete with state-of-the-art technology that allows it to look, move, and sound like the real thing, the goal of the responsive companion is to encourage people to want to use their walkers by providing older adults and their families with lively entertainment and enjoyable interactions.

“After more than 90 years of walking without assistance, I would often forget to use my walker,” said Melone. “Walkers can be so cumbersome and dull – I wanted to create a device that would make the experience more fun and enjoyable for me and my friends. I thought to myself, ‘What could be better than having a cute little feathered friend to come along for the ride?’ ” Hear more from Rita here.

Ageless Innovation’s other offerings include Joy for All Companion Pet Pups and Cats. The launch of the Walker Squawker comes at a key time when social isolation, loneliness, and physical and cognitive decline among older adults is at an all-time high.

“When this incredibly intelligent and spunky 93-year-old woman approached us with the idea of the Walker Squawker, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to create a new product that would deliver smiles and joy to Rita and her peers. We are honored to partner with Rita to bring her invention to life,” said Ted Fischer, Co-Founder and CEO of Ageless Innovation.

The birds include a tactile and highly detailed fabric exterior, a wide range of songs and authentic native sounds, a motion sensor that recognizes and rewards walking, CHIRPBACK Technology, which allows the birds to respond to the sound of your voice, and a variety of other sensors to maximize lifelike interactivity. Each product will also include a universal perch designed to fit most walking devices.

[Source(s): Ageless Innovation, PRWeb]