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Invacare Corporation Introduces the ISA Premier Series Stand Assist Lifts

Invacare Corporation (Invacare) introduces the ISA (Invacare Stand Assist) active patient lift solution for the post-acute care setting into the US market. It is designed to provide maximum comfort and security when transferring weight-bearing patients, as well as those needing rehabilitation support.

Enhancing Pediatric Participation

Assistive technology ripples out to mobility, standing, and beyond to help children engage at home and in the community. A feature for the April 2018 issue of Rehab Management by Jenna L. Anderson, PT, DPT.

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A Standing Start

Therapists use the versatility of standing technologies to get spinal cord-injured individuals into a vertical position faster, and longer. A feature for the January/February 2018 issue of Rehab Management by Caitriona S. Modoono, DPT, Lisa M. Perkins, DPT, CSCS, and Melissa H. Agrimanakis, DPT.

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Optimizing the Use of Wheeled Pediatric Mobility Through Training and Support

Adequate training for children and their caregivers in mobility technologies through practice and demonstration optimizes use and minimizes device abandonment. A feature for the November/December 2017 issue of Rehab Management by Lauren A. Snolis, PT, DPT.

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Keeping Children Engaged with Wheeled Pediatric Mobility Technologies

Customizing the technology to fit the child’s needs helps provide movement and positioning options that help children engage with their peers and the environment. An exclusive feature for Rehab Management by Melanie R. Connel, PT, DPT; Teresa Adkison, PTA; and Kathryn D. Letourneau, PT, DPT, of The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, Bethany, Okla.

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When Pediatric Weight-Bearing Takes a Stand

Mobility technologies for children provide exciting and beneficial options, but require careful consideration. A feature for Rehab Management by Jean Murby, PT, PCS; Christa Rocco, DPT; Kristen Lally, DPT; Marianna DiMaggio, DPT; and Stacey Zalanowski, DPT.

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Mobility: More Than Physical

Matching pediatric mobility equipment to a young user’s needs requires not only understanding physical ability, but possessing a clear view of cognitive function and the desire to move. An exclusive Rehab Management clinical feature.

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Technology Terminus

A “what if” discussion about mobility devices that doesn’t bog down in blueprints and spec sheets. RM’s editorial director, Frank Long, ponders whether truly transformative developments lie ahead for wheelchair technology, and where the best payoffs may lie for keeping disabled populations moving.

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