The redesigned Bantam extra small and small pediatric standing frames from EasyStand include new and updated features.

These features, according to a media release from EasyStand, include a new supine positioning controller that shifts between sit to stand and supine modes, and the “Neutral” setting that allows infinite positioning between seated and supine.

More updates include new sizes and options for trays; foot and knee, back, and lateral supports; and a new stroller handle, calf pad, and form-to-fit headrest.

In addition, four colors are available—green, purple, white, and orange; and hygienic covers are available in six fun patterns.

The extra small pediatric standing frame fits children up to 50 pounds and from 28 to 40 inches in height.

The small pediatric standing frame fits children up to 100 pounds and from 36 to 54 inches in height.

For more information, visit EasyStand.

[Source: EasyStand]