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Thimble-Like Device Aids Balance Via ‘Light Touch’

Japanese researchers have developed and tested a prototype device -- wearable on the fingertips -- that incorporates the concept of "light touch" to enhance the sense of balance. If widely implemented, the device should significantly reduce incidence of falls amongst seniors, they suggest, in Scientific Reports.

Promoting Function and Independence in the Cerebral Palsy Population

Gait training and standing technologies and interventions can help children and adults live active and healthy lifestyles, according to Gabriela M. Marquez, PT, DPT, in this feature for the July/August 2019 issue of Rehab Management.

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6 Reasons to Think Differently About Pediatric Mobility

Children’s needs differ distinctly from adults, and mobility equipment choices must account for progression into adolescence and beyond. A feature for Rehab Management by Todd S. Danos, MBA, LOTR, FACHE, and Lori Boyter, PT.

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