Vancouver-based BiKube debuts the BiKube, a hands-free, sit-and-stand walker designed to help people with reduced mobility to stay active at home.

Jean-Pierre (JP) Berger, CEO of BiKube, viewed the mobility challenges people face while working as a volunteer driver during the Paralympic Games in Vancouver in 2010. After a motorcycle accident, he experienced the mobility challenges himself, firsthand, according to the company’s website.

“After experiencing months of reduced mobility, I realized how challenging even the most basic tasks are,” he says, in a media release.

Partnering with the British Columbia Institute of Technology to build a prototype that would meet his vision, per the website, the BiKube was born.

Per the release, its features include:

  • Hands-free: The BiKube allows you to move around in a seated or standing position by steering with your feet.
  • Adjustable seat: Transferring from a low seated position to a higher seated position to head to the kitchen has never been so easy.
  • Compact and easy to maneuver: Get around in small spaces (powder rooms, hallway, bathroom, etc). Swing around or walk easily through narrow doors.
  • Safe and stable: Experience safe autonomy and freedom of movement thanks to its wide base and sturdy frame.
  • Maintain eye contact: Stay social, stand straight and maintain eye contact.

[Source(s): Bikube, PR Newswire]