camelAn emergency inflatable lift chair engineered to sit up and lift fallen individuals in a variety of environments, including the home and outdoors, is available through Prism Medical, headquartered in St Louis. The Mangar Camel Emergency Lifting Chair ‘s design features an in-built backrest and internal ring construction to allow the product to offer users a fully supportive lift that can be carried out independently by the fallen individual or with the assistance of a caregiver.

A hand control and compressor provide users the ability to inflate the chair section by section to bring the patient up into a position from which to stand. The Camel is intended to minimize the risk of lifting and moving an individual following a fall while avoiding further harm to the patient and those assisting the patient. The product can also accommodate large or bariatric patients, is battery-operated, and appropriate for any age, Prism Medical adds.

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[Source: Prism Medical]