FitOn, a fitness app and digital health & wellness platform, announces the launch of its Fall Prevention series on its FitOn Health platform for employers and health plans. Geared to help older adults take action to prevent falls from happening, this is the latest health course available for those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle without the need for expensive equipment or treatments.

Led by fitness trainer and fall prevention specialist David Jack, the program focuses on the necessary steps to avoid falls. This includes fall-proofing a home, learning balance and strength exercises, and avoiding common mistakes that leave people vulnerable to falling. The course helps people to assess their risks, remove dangers inside and out of the home, overcome the stigma associated with falling and receive the support they need to enjoy life.

“Over 800,000 people are hospitalized annually due to falling and receiving a head injury or hip fracture. Such injuries can be costly to both patients and health insurers and a fear of falling begins to develop,” said Lindsay Cook, Founder and CEO of FitOn. “This fall prevention course empowers people to overcome this fear by assessing the risk, building up strength through functional exercises and taking steps to ensure their home is fall-proof. This course will also help members caring for aging parents by providing education and tips on how they can better communicate and mitigate fall related issues with aging loved ones.”

“Falls can lead to injuries, broken bones, or even death, and the fear of falling may cause a person to be less active in their everyday activities. In turn, they become weaker and their chances of falling increase,” says David Jack, course trainer of FitOn Health’s Fall Prevention program. “This course was developed with FitOn Health to focus on identifying a preventive process to help revive your body and significantly reduce the likelihood of falling.”

The expansion of FitOn Health’s course offerings comes off the heels of FitOn’s recent Peerfit acquisition earlier this year, which provides fitness and wellness benefits to employers and members nationwide through its deep relationship with leading health providers. Working in close partnership with its health plan partners, FitOn Health has introduced a range of care management courses on topics that address key areas of focus for plan members.

“Fall prevention is a big risk for individuals as they age and this program is an excellent resource to help seniors make changes to make their homes and keep themselves safe,” says Steven Selinsky, Vice President of Government Programs, Product, & Community Outreach for HAP, a current client that offers health insurance plans for individuals, families, employer groups and Medicare and Medicaid members.

“Courses like this one from FitOn Health are great because they are easily accessible, can be watched at the member’s convenience, have very useful content from industry experts and can be shared with caregivers. The FitOn platform along with the benefits Peerfit provides helps individuals have access to information, platforms and resources to meet their health and wellness needs and live an active lifestyle.”

The Fall Prevention course includes 13 lessons and is immediately available to anyone with access to FitOn Health through their health plan or employer.

[Source(s): FitOn, PRWeb]