ConcertoHealth has expanded its vital support services and now provides patients in the Washington State area with access to medical transportation, durable medical equipment (DME), and community health coaching, at no cost.

“We recognize that caring for the sickest of patients requires creativity, flexibility and additional resources to ensure they receive the care they need, when they need it most,” says ConcertoHealth Chief Care Transformation Officer Christopher Dodd, MD, MS, in a media release.

“Facilitating these social support services through the ConcertoHealth primary care model ensures the full scope of patients’ needs are met, and further enables us to support health plans’ primary care providers (PCPs) in caring for this vulnerable population.”

According to the release, ConcertoHealth works closely with patients to secure DME resources, including motorized scooters and walkers.

In addition, a partnership with Around the Sound in Puget Sound area of Washington enables ConcertoHealth patients to make their Care Center primary care appointments and adhere to the unique care management plans ConcertoHealth tailors for each patient.

ConcertoHealth Community Health Coaches conduct new patient outreach and will participate with the clinical team later this year, the release continues. They also help connect patients in need of resources due to social determinants with community organizations, including local food banks, homeless shelters, and churches.

“Complex and vulnerable patients have a single clinical champion to manage transitions-of-care and to enlist the right care team member to design treatment plans that are tailored to their unique needs,” Dodd adds. “By further partnering with the health plans’ PCPs and other local organizations, we can provide patients with the resources they desperately need, and—over a short period of time—contribute to a better quality of life.”

[Source(s): ConcertoHealth, PR Newswire]