LewisGale Medical Center debuted a new virtual reality treadmill for its inpatient physical rehabilitation unit.

LewisGale Medical Center recently debuted its new virtual reality treadmill in its inpatient physical rehabilitation unit, the first of its kind in southwest Virginia.

The technology combines an oversized treadmill with a large television screen to create an advanced assessment and training device that replicates everyday live challenges through augmented reality.

“We are no longer limited to just one training environment or forced to use staff time to rearrange obstacles as patients progress in their recovery journey,” said Elise Manning, Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation director at LewisGale. “Now patients can spend more time practicing skills and colleagues can make changes on the fly with just the click of a button.”

The C-Mill virtual reality treadmill from DIH brand Motek can support a patient’s weight, and uses sensors in the treadmill combined with real-time interactive software to provide a uniquely motivational and safe therapy to improve balance and gait training. Traditional rehab includes a fixed platform with obstacles set by rehab staff.

The treadmill also records specific data and creates after-session reports, allowing a patient’s care team to evaluate the patient’s progress with precision not previously available.

Photo courtesy of LewisGale Medical Center