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Activity-Based Restorative Therapy Steps into Robotic Gait Training for Innovative Approaches for Patients with Chronic Spinal Cord Injuries

How does robotics really benefit spinal cord-injured patients? Kennedy Krieger Institute researchers test three robotic devices and discover how differences in engineering and application affect functional outcome measures among patients affected by tetraplegia and paraplegia.

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Aquatics Is the Answer

Aquatic therapy veteran Anne Plattenburg, PT, MPT, explains why a safe, warm, and versatile, aquatic physical therapy can create a positive experience for patients who struggle with painful movement. A full length feature from Rehab Management.

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Stroke Treatment and Technology

Specialized technologies offer multiple approaches for helping patients reach their recovery goals. Article written by Alyson T. Dutkiewicz, PT, MSPT, JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute Inpatient Rehabilitation, and Dana Abel, DPT, JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute Outpatient Rehabilitation.

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Stepping It Up

A full spectrum of technologies that assess and measure gait and balance power up the latest strategies to return patients to their feet. by Judith M. Burnfield, PT, PhD, and Amy Goldman, PT, DPT This integrated body weight support system is built to secure a person’s weight up to 500 pounds with 80% support. This design […]

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Management 101: Utilization of Specialty Equipment in the Clinic

Integrating specialty equipment maximizes knee and lower extremity rehab. by Robert Babb, PT, MBA Several years ago, I referred my crosstown brother-in-law to a physical therapy clinic close to his home after knee surgery. At 51 years old, he was the classic weekend athlete Baby Boomer with aspirations to continue recreational sports. Three weeks and […]

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