AlterG introduces the Pro 200+ anti-gravity treadmill, now featuring Stride Smart technology.

The NASA-inspired, differential air-pressure Stride Smart technology is engineered to help users reduce their body weight gravitational impact by up to 80%—adjustable in as little as 1% increments—in order to rehabilitate with less pain, reduce their risk of further injury, and maintain or gain fitness while they recover. This reduction is adjustable in as little as 1% increments, according to a media release from AlterG.

New features in the Pro 200+ with Stride Smart technology include a new user interface, automated workout programming, and video monitoring.

“We’re excited to deliver the next generation of anti-gravity technology with powerful new features for the trainers and clinicians looking to provide the gold standard in training and recovery for their athletes,” says Gabriel Griego, vice president of marketing and clinical for Fremont, Calif-based AlterG, in the release.

“These new tools help trainers achieve more with athletes in their limited time, while providing athletes with objective feedback to enhance their training and recovery. It’s a win-win for everyone,” he adds.

Per the company, the new user interface and Stride Smart technology can be retrofitted to any existing Pro 200 AlterG model.

For more information, visit AlterG.

[Source: AlterG]