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Front Loaded Recovery

Conditioning the body prior to surgery or other physiologic and physical stresses can lead to more favorable outcomes in oncology cases. Prehabilitation fills this role in the cancer care continuum and survivorship. By Glenda Arcilla Borreo, PT, MHSc, CLT, ACSM EP-C, CCET.

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Stroke Treatment and Technology

Specialized technologies offer multiple approaches for helping patients reach their recovery goals. Article written by Alyson T. Dutkiewicz, PT, MSPT, JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute Inpatient Rehabilitation, and Dana Abel, DPT, JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute Outpatient Rehabilitation.

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Therapeutic Taping and Bracing in Athletics

An overview of different taping types and their application in sports medicine. Brian J. Adams, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS In the world of competitive athletics, participants are on a continual search for optimal performance, injury prevention, and enhanced recovery. In sports medicine, clinicians are seeking tools to facilitate healing and restore normal, pain-free functional movement […]

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