Myomo Inc announces the availability of MyoPro 2+, an enhanced version of its popular MyoPro powered brace.

Building on the MyoPro 2, MyoPro 2+ offers lighter weight, easier donning, greater comfort, and improved grasp functionality. Software and firmware enhancements include more powerful and simplified configuration options for clinicians and users as well as customizable speed control for more natural arm movement.

“The user experience is at the core of all our innovations. With this enhancement, not only will our adult and adolescent patients engage with the MyoPro 2+ in ways that make it more functional for them, they will also see a dramatic improvement in the ability to tailor the device to their preferences, including two harness options and more than 30 color and pattern styles, enabled by the introduction of 3D printing of the orthotic components.”

— Shiven Ruparel, Director of Product Management

Advancing Myomo’s custom fabrication process, MyoPro 2+ will now be fabricated in-house at the company’s Boston headquarters to streamline the customer journey from evaluation to product delivery.

“Our goals for MyoPro 2+ were to improve the experience and functionality for our users while at the same time reducing costs and cycle times for Myomo. Our field trials indicate we have accomplished both. Myomo is growing rapidly, and these enhancements are expected to further support our ability to scale up and offer increased upper limb functionality to more and more people.”

— Paul R. Gudonis, Myomo CEO

[Source(s): Myomo, Business Wire]