James Button, Mendham Township, NJ, has reportedly been added to the review board of the Dralla Foundation, a Rockaway, NJ-based nonprofit organization that was founded by Allard USA. A recent news release notes that the review board’s role centers on reviewing grant requests and selecting recipients for the grants Dralla awards annually to organizations that, it notes, “share our mission to enrich the lives of adults and children with physical challenges.”

According to the release, Button, an avid runner, used orthotic braces made by Allard in order to regain mobility following a chainsaw accident that left him with paralysis in his foot and ankle. The choice to work with Dralla, Button says, stems from his experience with Allard’s braces and their role in allowing him to run again. “Working with Dralla to provide other challenged people with the opportunity to lead richer lives through independent mobility and healthful exercise is a rewarding endeavor I’m looking forward to,” Button says.

The release reports that Button will be joining existing Dralla Review Board members John Ahlstrom, CPO, Midwest Orthoric & Technology Center, Indiana, and Marc Martinez, San Antonio.

For more information about the review board and its members, click www.dralla.org

[Source: Dralla Foundation]