Shoprider Mobility Products, headquartered in Carson, Calif, states that it has named its new complex rehab technology division ROVI Mobility Products. The company notes that ROVI is dedicated to developing innovative power mobility products for adults and children requiring advanced product and accessory solutions. The new division is projecting 2014 as the year of its product entry into the US market, according to a company news release.

ROVI is led by Cody Verrett, who Shoprider designates as an industry veteran with experience both in the manufacturing and provision sides of the business. Verrett categorizes the new division as a “fresh move forward, and we are committed to manufacturing high-quality and thoughtful designs,” Verrett says.

David Lin, president, Shoprider, articulates the company’s excitement in entering the complex rehab segment. “We are committed to utilizing our 25 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality power mobility products to aid this division in every way possible. … We are confident that with Cody’s leadership and experience, ROVI will deliver products that will also meet the discerning requirements of clinicians and ATPS across the country,” Lin says.

[Source: Shoprider]