Össur announces the launch of the newest addition to the company’s line of Unloader One knee braces: the Unloader One X.

The Unloader One X builds upon Össur’s decades of clinical experience in orthopaedic bracing that began with the original Unloader One knee brace to help reduce pain and improve function among patients suffering from osteoarthritis (OA).

The Unloader One X maintains the design elements of the classic Unloader One knee brace, including the patented Össur 3-Point Leverage System, designed to help improve mobility by providing pain relief for people with unicompartmental knee OA or degenerative meniscal tears.

The Unloader One X also features a lightweight, low-profile frame with soft edges and breathable, skin-friendly liners and straps, as well as a number of patient-centric enhancements, including color-coded touch points, redesigned Quick-Fit buckles with levered arms that allow for easy closure, and a streamlined, integrated SmartDosing system so users can easily adjust the brace for maximum pain relief, the Iceland-headquartered company notes in a media release.

“With more than 15 published clinical studies demonstrating its efficacy, the Unloader One knee brace remains both the global leader and standard of care for countless thousands of people who are dealing with the pain and disability of OA,” says Jason Thorne, Vice President of Global Marketing for Össur, in the release.

“The new Unloader One X represents the next generation of orthopaedic bracing innovation as well as an exciting new option that will help even more OA patients enjoy a life without limitations.”

[Source: Össur]