Breg, Vista, Calif, the sports medicine division of Orthofix International, McKinney, Tex, has introduced three new products, including a soft knee brace with an integrated hinge for added stability, a hip pad to be used with its cold therapy devices for post surgery pain management, and a wrist immobilization accessory for its T-Scope Elbow brace.

The company also introduced the OrthoFind app, an iPhone application for the orthopedics market, designed to assist health care providers in choosing products for their patients directly from their mobile phones.

The newest product in Breg’s line of soft knee braces is the lateral stabilizer with hinge. The brace is designed to enhance knee stability and provide pain relief for patients who have a range of conditions affecting the kneecap, and to also be eligible for coverage under patients’ health care insurance. Available in Airmesh breathable fabric and neoprene, the low-profile brace is intended to maximize the patient’s comfort while providing minimal interference. The company says the US market for soft knee braces and immobilizers is projected to be approximately $345.1 million in 2010.

The Polar Care Kodiak Intelli-Flo hip pad provides cold therapy pain management during post-operative care and rehabilitation for patients recovering from hip surgery. Ergonomically designed for comfort and coverage of the hip, its flow channel directs water circulation throughout the pad, with additional circulation at the incision site. An estimated 625,000 total or partial hip replacements will be performed in the United States in 2010, says the company.

The neutral hand accessory extends the functionality of its T-Scope elbow brace. Designed to provide patients with comfort and control while restricting wrist motion, the new device is intended for patients with elbow injuries, including tendon and ligament ailments such as tennis elbow. The US market for upper extremity supports is expected to reach approximately $53.7 million in 2010, according to the company.

Developed for the Apple iPhone and iTouch devices, the OrthoFind app provides mobile access to Breg’s catalog of bracing and cold therapy products. The app includes product descriptions, indications, Medicare coding, and ordering information. It also offers the latest news on orthopedic procedures and surgeries, provides frequently asked questions about the industry, and lets users join and interact with the OrthoFind community. Products are searchable by anatomy, category, or keyword. The company says it is estimated that 80% of physicians will be using smart phones by 2012.

[Source: Orthofix International, NV]