A patient sit-to-stand transfer lift that aims to provide users the optimal lift angle is available through SouthwestMedical.com. The Molift Quick Raiser 1 patient transfer system is designed to place the least amount of pressure under the arms of the patient for a comfortable transfer. It can also accommodate wheelchair to toilet patient transfers.

The product is engineered for ease of use and assembly, and is comprised of aluminum and steel, to provide lightweight, maneuverability. The Molift Quick Raiser standing patient transfer slings are also designed to be comfortable and easy to apply. A single strap vest design is featured to offer security and comfort.

The product can also serve as an option for home use and the Molift Raiser has a narrow 24-inch base to fit through most bathroom doors.

For more information, visit www.southwestMedical.com

[Source: Southwestmedical.com]