Even the best standing equipment is at risk of being pushed aside and left to collect dust. How can therapists stop this from happening?

Jillian Cacopardo, MPT, ATP/SMS, Gaylord Specialty Healthcare, explains the leading causes of abandonment and shares the key indicators that point to standing patients and clients who may be at risk of abandoning their equipment. Log onto this short video and learn these indicators so that you can add them to your next standing evaluation.

Watch the video now and look for the discussion at 6:28.

Read Jillian Cacopardo’s clinical feature about standing originally published in the 2021 March/April Rehab Management, Why Sit When You Can Stand?

And don’t miss Cacopardo’s feature about wheelchair assessment for manual and power mobility that includes guidance for performing and making decisions about:

  • The Interview
  • Mat Assessment
  • Equipment Simulation
  • Equipment Specification

Trying to Keep Complex Rehab Users Healthy?

For therapists who work with individuals who use wheelchairs, Rehab Management’s video interview with Caitlin Boland, DPT, ATP/SMS, offers clinical insights to help improve the health of these individuals. Learn about essential equipment and practices that Boland uses and recommends to prevent skin breakdown and promote joint and bone health. Get important tips for working with manual and power wheelchairs as well as:

  • Power Assist Devices
  • Cushions and Back Supports
  • Seating and Positioning Equipment
  • Drive Control Systems
  • Technologies Making Greatest Quality of Life Improvements

Watch the video now:

Read Caitlin Boland’s complete feature article from the 2021 March/April Rehab Management, Healthy Choices for CRT.