1800Wheelchair, a large online wheelchair and scooter store, announces the launch of Featherchairrental.com, a new wheelchair rental service that allows customers in the US to rent its Featherchair brand of what the company calls “the lightest wheelchairs, power chairs, and scooters on the planet.” Powered by loopt, an e-commerce platform for the circular economy, Featherchair Rental is said to showcase the brand’s commitment to caring for Americans’ mobility needs by delivering innovation to provide better access at a fraction of the price.

Since launching 25 years ago, 1800Wheelchair has helped over 1 million Americans with their mobility needs. The Featherchair brand was created by realizing that most wheelchairs were too heavy to lift in and out of a car. Featherchair wheelchairs are designed to be very light, weighing only 13 lbs. The partnership with loopt allows 1800Wheelchair to enhance their customers’ experience through wheelchair rental. The launch of Featherchair Rental marks the first time US consumers can rent this lightweight mobility equipment.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with loopt to launch Featherchair Rental in the US,” says Joseph Piekarski, CEO of 1800Wheelchair. “Two pillars of our brand are value and convenience. Offering rentals to our US clientele will deliver more flexibility in finding the right assistance when they need it. We’re proud to evolve our mobility offerings by leveraging the loopt circular expertise.”

To access Featherchair Rental, customers can visit www.1800Wheelchair.com. If an item is available for wheelchair rental, the “Rent” button will appear. Customers can also visit the Featherchair Rental site directly. 1800Wheelchair will offer their top-selling wheelchair, power chair, and scooter for rent. Customers can also purchase key accessory items through the rental site like cup holders and travel bags. When the rental period is over, customers can return their items with free shipping and cleaning, continue to rent with their original monthly price, or purchase their chairs. Customers rent on their own terms, managing their subscriptions through their customer portal.

“Consumers are getting more comfortable with using second-hand items,” says Kelly Pigeon, founder and CEO at loopt. “Allowing people to ‘subscribe’ to their products is highly compelling since they only pay for what they need and have a frictionless return path. It’s better for the environment as we maximize the useful life of every item. And the retailer wins as they’re able to re-sell the same item 10x over instead of once or twice. We’re so excited to partner with 1800Wheelchair to provide our customers with a best-in-class rental experience.”

[Source(s): Featherchair Rental, loopt]