Sunrise Medical announces enhancements to its QUICKIE Q700 power seating portfolio with the launch of the SEDEO PRO ADVANCED, the new advanced rehabilitation seating system available on the Q700 base, replacing the SEDEO ERGO.

The SEDEO PRO ADVANCED complements the comprehensive range of SEDEO seating systems, which includes the SEDEO Lite and very popular SEDEO PRO. All SEDEO seating systems combine a highly adjustable seat frame with a broad choice of postural supports to ensure proper positioning. By offering a wide range of bases and unparalleled seating systems, Sunrise Medical strives to provide comprehensive power wheelchair solutions for any user’s specific individual needs.

The SEDEO LITE is an adjustable seat frame with a minimal design that alleviates weight capacity concerns when using aftermarket equipment. An array of options covers mild to moderate clinical needs and intuitive adjustability meets individual requirements. Truly modular in design, the SEDEO PRO provides a new level of functionality, comfort, and design. For moderate to complex clinical needs, the PRO combines a highly adjustable seat frame with an excellent choice of postural support options. Using the same seat pan as the SEDEO PRO, the SEDEO PRO ADVANCED is packed with high-end power functions to provide maximum comfort, improved posture, and an incomparable seating experience, including:

  • The 165° power recline is supported by 7″ of patented biomechanical anti-shear to maintain the positioning of the head support throughout its full range of movement.
  • The patented Biometric Repositioning feature allows wheelchair users to effortlessly move from a reclined to seated position through a precise sequence of tilt, recline, and powered leg supports, providing the maximum amount of pressure relief without losing their seated position.
  • Fully programmable Pressure Relief Alert Reminders (PRAR) support users by notifying them it’s time to change position to avoid pressure injuries.
  • A brand-new multi-link arm support design can be easily adjusted to a user’s exact needs, allowing for closer joystick positioning and a slimmer profile.
  • Immediately available on the Q700-UP M, the SEDEO PRO ADVANCED seat offers a higher standing angle and faster speed when standing and driving.

QUICKIE Q700 M HD – Mobility Regardless of Size

To provide the benefits of the Q700 M to a broader audience, Sunrise Medical is also introducing wider seat sizes on the Q700 M HD, which is offered on the reinforced, highly adjustable SEDEO PRO Seating System. The Q700 M HD has a maximum user weight of 450lbs, a full 50° degrees of powered tilt, a super-low seat to floor height and new heavy duty, swing-away legrests.

Each SEDEO seat configuration is designed to address a specific set of clinical needs, and each QUICKIE power wheelchair base is designed to address specific environmental requirements. With its incredibly comprehensive range of options and configurations, the SEDEO seating system combined with a QUICKIE power wheelchair base can satisfy the most demanding user’s needs. Its common platform and highly modular parts offers great flexibility to adapt to further changing needs.

[Source: Sunrise Medical]