Invacare Corporation and its subsidiary, Alber USA LLC, introduce their next generation of power assist devices – the e-motion (M25), an upgrade from the e-motion (M15).

The Alber e-motion power assist, designed for manual wheelchairs, is a push rim activated device that features wheels with a powerful in-hub motor and lithium ion batteries.

“With our second launch in less than a year, we are further strengthening our comprehensive portfolio of power assist devices. From our previous introduction of the SMOOV one, to the Alber twion, e-fix and now the new e-motion, we are providing the power of choice to our customers.”

— Joost Beltman, senior vice president and general manager, North America for Invacare

“We started on our journey to create the next generation e-motion solution by listening to our customers. Universally, they told us they wanted a power assist device that was lighter and more powerful, and we are proud to deliver a unique and superior solution that will address their needs. We are confident that current and future customers will appreciate the improvements we’ve made.”

— Sebastian Zitzler, Director of Alber

Benefits and Improvements

Compared to the prior version (M15), the new e-motion (M25) is:


Improvements made to the motor and battery give the new e-motion 33% more power. This extra power means the maximum user weight it can support has increased by 15%, up to 330 lbs.


The new M25 can go up to 5.3 mph, an improvement of 41% compared to the e-motion M15. In addition, the new e-motion M25 has a range of up to 15.5 miles, giving most users a full day of activity.


Technological improvements made to this generation will provide more power in a lighter device. The weight per wheel has improved by 35%, going from 23 lbs. to 17 lbs. per wheel.


The new e-motion M25 offers a smart phone app that opens the door to a variety of benefits, including cruise mode, which allows users to set the e-motion at a constant speed so they can just steer and brake as needed. In addition, it features a unique assisted braking system when going downhill and a patented roll back delay feature.

For more information, visit Alber USA LLC.

[Source(s): Invacare, Business Wire]

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