Alber USA LLC, based in Oakdale, Pa, introduces the twion add-on push rim power assist drive for active wheelchairs, designed to help provide additional propelling power.

The twion enables a greater cruising radius and improved mobility—not only in everyday living, but also and especially during demanding leisure activities,” says Bill Russell, sales manager at Alber, in a media release.

Speed of up to 6 mph is accomplished via the twion’s direct drive, featuring digital motor technology and a long-life lithium-ion battery. A sensor installed in the push rim determines the right amount of support and transmits the appropriate signal to the drive.

Including batteries, the twion wheels—made with high-strength aluminum alloys and high-tech polymers—weigh 13 pounds and are easily removable. Several tire and color choices are available, according to the release.

An additional feature is the free Mobility App developed exclusively for the twion. Using the app, users can contact the Alber Service Network directly if needed, or learn tips and tricks on the use of the twion wheels.

With the included Mobility Plus package, the app can display information on battery condition, speed, mileage, and range; and enable users to select between various driving modes, such as Tour mode with GPS functionality.

A BlueDrive control system included in the Mobility Plus package enables wheelchairs equipped with twion wheels to be remote controlled via smartphone.

For more information, visit Alber USA LLC.

[Source: Alber USA LLC]