Alber USA LLC, based in Oakdale, Pa, offers the e-motion M15 power assist drive, which is designed to help wheelchair users with impaired strength or restricted hand function to propel independently.

Innovations built into the M15 include lithium-ion batteries that help enable a range of up to 15 miles, an Ergonomic Control System (ECS), the ability to act as a brake assist, a gearless drive technology, a low noise level, and a key lock to prevent unintentional operation.

The M15’s expanded range of functions the ECS offers include: a display that indicates battery capacity or the chosen level of power assistance; a rollback delay, activated via the ECS, that prevents the wheelchair from rolling backward when traveling uphill; and the ability to precisely set driving parameters, according to the company.

The ECS remote control’s shape was developed in collaboration with therapists to enable operation by those with restricted hand function.

Bill Russell, sales manager at Alber USA LLC, states in the release that the e-motion extends the radius of action for wheelchair drivers, and its power assistance prevents excessive strain on the body.

“Wheelchair drivers with limited strength and function are able to get around again independently, without assistance from others. That is important psychologically. At the same time, they exercise their muscles and cardiovascular system through active movement,” he adds.

According to the company, the e-motion can be fitted to almost any commonly available wheelchair by simply swapping the wheelchair’s wheels with the e-motion drive wheels. This means that in the great majority of cases, people can continue to use their existing wheelchairs, but with adjustments to suit their needs.

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[Source: Alber USA LLC]