Results from a survey conducted recently by insurance payor Anthem Inc suggest that while 90% of respondents lock their doors and windows at night, only 40% of them state they have disability insurance.

While disability may seem unlikely, it could be more common than many people think, according to a media release from Anthem Inc in light of May being Disability Insurance Awareness Month.

The release cites statistics from the Centers for Disability Awareness suggesting that more than one in four of today’s 20-year-olds may become disabled before they retire.

As well, the release notes that although it is common to think of workplace injuries or accidents when one thinks of disability, in reality 90% of disabilities may be caused by illness, such as arthritis, back pain, or cancer.

Anthem Inc suggests that integrating disability and medical benefits may help employees get back to work sooner and help employers control the cost of absenteeism.

“Disability benefits provide peace of mind and financial protection, but they also help connect the dots for overall health,” says Mike Wozny, president of Anthem Life, in the release.

“[Anthem recognizes] that physical, emotional, and financial health are interconnected. The integration of health and disability plans helps consumers get back on their feet faster while providing a stronger financial foothold,” he adds.

The phone-based survey of 1,010 adults 18 years and older in the continental United States was conducted April 16-20 by Opinion Research Corporation. In total, 508 randomly selected landline numbers were called, and 502 randomly selected mobile (cell) phone numbers were contacted, per the release.

[Source(s): Anthem Inc, Business Wire]