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Making Your Documentation Bulletproof

A critical look at how detailing need and including critical justifications reduces the likelihood that standing system equipment will be underfunded. Exclusive content by Melissa K. Tally, PT, MPT, ATP, and Erin M. Pope, PT, MPT, ATP, the Perlman Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.

App Measures Ribcage and Vertebral Rotation for Scoliosis

A new set of resources directed at the scoliosis community is available from Nashville, Tenn-based Spiral Spine, which reports the recent release of the Scoliometer by Spiral Spine, a mobile app designed to allow users with scoliosis to measure their ribcage and vertebral rotation. The mobile app is reportedly available now at Apple’s App Store.

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Considerations in Pediatric Mobility

The what, when, why, and how of decision-making when choosing a device. Article written by Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center staff members Bobbi Ann Jurena, MOT, OTR/L, Briana D. McClintock, MS, OTR/L, and Shannon E. Spady, PT, MPT.

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Standing for a More Flexible and Functional Future

Blending stander use with adjunct treatments targets the reduction of joint contractures’ impact on independent mobility. by Stephenie Labandz, PT, DPT Joint contractures occur when tissues around the joints that are usually pliable become replaced by more fibrous and less mobile tissue due to disuse or an underlying disease process. Contracture often has a negative […]

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