Prime Engineering, a supplier of standing technology headquartered in Fresno, Calif, is celebrating its 36th anniversary.

“We have gone from our humble beginnings of rolling carts out onto the driveway each morning to have room in the one-car garage in order to make room to cut and weld frames. We were making one Granstand at a time and selling it out of the back of our van. We would use that money to make two more and we have grown from there.”

— Mary Boegel, President, Prime Engineering

Since its debut in the market in 1984, the international company now includes 36 employees, 40 sales reps across the country and distributors worldwide. In addition, its product line now features 15 models with more on the way.

“We wake up each morning thankful to be here and continuing to bring our end-users a better quality of life and we look forward to many years to come.”

— Mary Boegel

Prime Engineering creates its line of personal and clinical standing devices with input from doctors, therapists, and end-users. Its innovative design features include No Transfer – No Lift Technology, proper standing positioning, advanced adjustability and multi-functional frames.

[Source: Prime Engineering]