Invacare Corporation (Invacare) introduces the ISA (Invacare Stand Assist) active patient lift solution for the post-acute care setting into the US market. It is designed to provide maximum comfort and security when transferring weight-bearing patients, as well as those needing rehabilitation support.

“By leveraging technology, the release of the new ISA patient lift is a big step forward in improving one of Invacare’s most well-established offerings. We listened to our customers and incorporated their invaluable feedback to deliver one of the best equipped active patient lift to tackle the challenges faced in safe patient handling today.”

— Joost Beltman, Invacare’s senior vice president and general manager for North America

Invacare Stand Assist Features

According to Invacare in a news release, its features include:

TelescoLift – A new patent pending extendable lifting arm positions to nine different lengths, allowing the lift to adapt to a variety of user heights, conditions, and preferences.

ErgoSupport – The patent pending lower leg cushion provides six different height positions and swivels, following the natural lower leg movement for enhanced comfort and versatility.

Ergonomic Hand Grips – The unique design aligns with the shoulders to help minimize upper body strain and positions the hands in a natural and intuitive way for a safe and comfortable grip.

For more information, visit Invacare Corporation.

[Source(s): Invacare Corporation, Business Wire]

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