Standing system stakeholders who need the fastest path to updated information about the EasyStand Zing multiple position stander (MPS) can take in the latest information associated with the product online, according to a statement from Morton, Minn-based EasyStand.

The Easytand Zing MPS Advantage is a piece of literature that can be helpful for therapists and seating and positioning professionals who need support for in-service meetings. EasyStand offers the Zing MPS Advantage as a way to explain the benefits of a multiposition stander, accommodating contractures and true hip pivot leg abduction. The literature also shows each option with a full description.

EasyStand reports that these documents are currently only available online.


A product video that explores the Zing is also available online. The video reportedly profiles the pediatric stander that is designed to allow the user to convert from a full supine to prone position without having to change, turn, or flip pads and foot plates, or transfer the user in and out of the stander.