The market for gait and balance products is robust. The rising number of aging Baby Boomers and those affected by neurological conditions continues to stimulate a need for technologies designed to help rehabilitate and restore function when mobility becomes impaired. Rehab Management has gathered a select group of products to showcase some of the latest technologies on the market being used in clinical settings and research. These products are powered by features that can help patients regain the functional abilities to meet the everyday challenges of living safely and comfortably in their environments. Review the products in this section to better understand how they can help improve safety, efficiency, and outcomes in the rehab setting.


Optimal-G Pro – Get One Step Ahead

Optimal G Pro, an advanced robotic gait rehabilitation platform, is designed to accelerate the rehabilitation journey and to improve outcomes in both adults and pediatric patients suffering from post-neurological trauma and orthopedic injury. Incorporating Enhanced Learning Intelligence Technology (E.L.I.T.E.) pro-active motor learning technology, the Optimal G Pro is made to enhance clinical decision-making via an adaptive and progressive therapy session. The robotic system can constantly challenge and engage the patient through various modes of operation, feedback threshold control, interactive exercises and games, virtual reality, alongside instant visual and auditory feedback — all personalized to each patient’s needs. Based on clinical principles of brain recovery in gait rehabilitation with breakthrough technology, the Optimal-G Pro enables neuromuscular re-education and brain retraining.

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The Gait Trainer 3 treadmill, from Biodex Medical Systems Inc, headquartered in Shirley, NY, features sensorimotor music enhancements developed in collaboration with physical and music therapists. The library of tempo-to-cadence-matched music selections are composed to inspire correct movement. Its instrumented track can detect where each foot strikes as a patient walks, and displays those footsteps on a large LCD screen. The Gait Trainer’s track records and analyzes step length, step speed, and step symmetry, documenting the effectiveness of gait therapy. This combination of music, biofeedback and gait repetition is aimed at enhancing neuroplasticity, to recover movement lost to injury or disease.

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Clarke Health Care Products Inc, Oakdale, Pa, introduces the Dynamic Stair Trainer DST8000 Triple Pro, designed to motivate and increase a patient’s rehabilitation and make easy work for therapist’s reports. The stair trainer features electronically elevating steps that allow clients to start stair climbing at a level appropriate to their ability. The remote-controlled elevating steps start from a flat plane and rise to 6.5 inches. On the other side is an increasing incline, which raises and lowers. The patient’s performance in past and current sessions is displayed on the computer. DST Factor is a parameter which summarizes the patient’s status and estimated potential for future improvement.

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Exertools Strobe Glasses


The Senaptec Strobe from Exertools, Petaluma, Calif, is designed to train the connections between an individual’s eyes, brain, and body. Using liquid crystal technology, the lenses flicker between clear and opaque, removing visual information and forcing the individual to process more efficiently. The Senaptec Strobe can be integrated into existing sports training drills and exercises, or be added to vision therapy protocols as an uploading technique. As an athlete, the strobes can help move training to a higher level. The curved liquid crystals provide a full 180-degree field of view that allows users to enhance their visuals skills in the training room, or on the field of play.

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G&W Heel Lift, Cuba, Mo, offers Clearly Adjustable Full Foot & Combination Lifts, engineered to provide minimal ankle angulation using a foundation of the entire length of the foot and made with clear vinyl in true 1 mm layers. According to the company, keeping the foot as level as possible helps reduce gait changes, foot pressure, and tendon length. The lift is adjustable to 8 mm, and the Combination is adjustable to 18 mm. It is available in various shoes sizes, for both left and right foot.

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GAITRite systems, from CIR Systems Inc, Franklin, NJ, is engineered to capture objective data to reliably document patient condition and progression. The software identifies, through a multitude of specific Spatial-Temporal Gait parameters, objective numbers which allow for informed assessment of targeted interventions and readily synchronizes with other systems, including video, EMG, etc. Robust reporting options allow for tailorable reports with multiple export functions available.

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SafeGait ACTIVE from Gorbel Medical, Victor, NY, is an overhead fall protection device that allows patients to move dynamically through treatment sessions. It is designed to treat patients further along the continuum of care and is ideal for hospital-based or private practice outpatient clinics. SafeGait ACTIVE is designed to allow for multi-directional movement while also protecting patients as they practice gait, balance, jumps, transfer, and stair exercises. Exclusive Dynamic Fall Protection (DFP) technology distinguishes between a patient’s intentional movement downward and a fall so therapists can safely challenge patients and facilitate error.

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C-Mill, available from Hocoma Inc, Norwell, Mass, is engineered as complete, advanced evaluation and training treadmill, with the ability to simulate everyday life challenges through augmented and virtual reality in a safe and comfortable environment. C-Mill can help patients train for everyday life’s environments and changing circumstances, such as walking in a crowded area or avoiding obstacles. A patient’s performance is measured and saved to provide both short- and long-term results and insights. The optional Body Weight Support (BWS) System and additional versatile balance exercise applications enable extended training possibilities.

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LiteGait is a gait training device that simultaneously controls weight-bearing, posture, and balance over a treadmill or overground. Offered by Mobility Research, Tempe, Ariz, LiteGait creates an ideal environment for treating patients with a range of impairments and functional levels. Its harness design not only permits unilateral or bilateral support, allowing progression of the weight-bearing load from non to full weight bearing, but also allows the clinician to manually assist the legs and pelvis. LiteGait provides proper posture, reduces weight-bearing, eliminates balance concerns, and facilitates training of coordinated lower extremity movement.

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Managing and synthesizing accurate gait data is essential to outcomes-driven healthcare. The Zeno Walkway from ProtoKinetics, Havertown, Pa, has a wide surface that allows for the capture of assistive device performance in addition to the loading patterns of the patient’s footsteps. PKMAS software is engineered to automatically eliminate walker tracks, while expertly identifying overlapping steps, to provide robust temporal-spatial measurements for even the most complicated gait patterns. Recent implementation of the enhanced Gait Variability Index (eGVI) and automated Four Square Step Test are two examples of rehabilitation-related outcome measures which may assist in clinical decisions about balance control to plan therapy and discharge from the hospital.

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Strideway, available from Tekscan, South Boston, is a modular system designed to calculate spatial, temporal, and kinetic parameters essential for a comprehensive gait analysis. Data is presented in easy-to-understand tables and graphs to quickly compare patient progress between visits. Symmetry tables provide quick insights into differences between left and right sides. The pressure data provided by the Strideway is useful to identify asymmetries, potential problem areas, pain points, or areas of ulceration. Featuring a smooth, flush surface, the Strideway is ideal for patients of all ages and its width easily accommodates those with walking aids. It is available in multiple lengths and provides flexibility to add or subtract length at any time. With a quick set-up time, full data collection can be completed in minutes.

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Vista Medical, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, introduces the BodiTrak Balance Mat, designed to assess steadiness, symmetry, and dynamic stability as an aid for fall prevention, concussion evaluation and recovery, athlete rehabilitation, and general postural/sway. The BodiTrak Balance Mat measures weight-bearing, like a force plate, but also pressure-maps each foot individually, including heel/toe segmentation. Additionally, the BodiTrak Balance Mat tracks center-of-pressure (COP) total distance moved, maximum COP displacement, and velocity of COP movement The Mat is engineered to bring quantification and objectivity to balance tests such as mCTSIB, which have historically been observational and subjective. By displaying and reporting detailed data about various balance-related metrics, it is designed to enable the detection of even slight improvements in outcomes over time—thereby enhancing the quality and value of reports for both physicians and insurers.

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