A customized installment payment solution provided by PINTEC is helping Permobil make it easier for customers in China to purchase wheelchairs and rehabilitation products.

PINTEC’s customized installment solution will be embedded into Permobil’s official WeChat account. Customers can choose the installment option when they make purchase through Permobil’s WeChat mall. With relevant information filled in by customers, PINTEC can complete multi-dimensional risk assessment and decisioning in a few seconds. After approval, customers can buy their desired wheelchairs and rehabilitation products with the option of 3-, 6- or 12-installment payments, according to a media release from PINTEC.

“The installment financing solution from PINTEC helps lower the barrier to buy wheelchairs and rehabilitation products,” says QP Chau, general manager of Permobil China, in the release. “This is a new attempt in consumer financing in China, and will be conducive to the expansion of China’s rehabilitation equipment market.”

Installment financing has been widely adopted in e-commerce, online travel and online education industries in recent years. However, in niche markets with high prices and low purchase frequency, it is still a challenge to deploy installment payments solutions.

“PINTEC can develop customized installment solutions in only a few days by connecting with partners’ app and Wechat account, or by a QR code,” adds PINTEC’s president Zhou Jing, in the release. “With PINTEC’s customized and modular technologies, our partners can enjoy efficient, flexible, and comprehensive consumer financing solutions.”

[Source(s): PINTEC, PR Newswire]