Selecting the right cushion is critical in achieving optimum outcomes for mobility users. Learn about features built into the latest products that help provide performance and comfort for end users.

Aquila Corporation

Phone: (866) 782-9658 Website: Email: [email protected] Product: APK2 The APK2 is a pressure ulcer treatment and prevention cushion. The cushion’s technology is battery operated, offering automatic alternating pressure relief. It features a waterproof foam exterior with internal sets of alternating air bladders. The internal air bladders automatically change pressure contact points up to 30 times per hour to facilitate circulation. It is capable of offloading full-time under an existing pressure ulcer to facilitate healing. Optional equipment includes moisture control fan and remote control, and an antimicrobial cover is included. User-adjustable firmness and cycle settings are included for user preference. Controller weighs 4 pounds and pump is designed for quiet operation. The pad can be customized to any shape with no weight or size limit. Waterproof smooth cushion surface cleans easily. HCPCS code is E2609 and MSRP is $3,300 to $3,700. Accessories include remote control unit, moisture control unit, positioning pad, full back pad, and lumbar pad.

Comfort Company

Phone: (800) 564-9248 Website: Email: [email protected] Product(s): Comfort Designs custom seating solutions Comfort Designs is a fully adjustable line of custom seating and positioning cushion, and backrest options. Every specification and option of the cushion and backrest can be custom tailored for any user. The cushion and backrest customizations include size, shape, cover material, cushion platform, bottom style, coccyx cutout, leg length discrepancy, foam options, and multiple accessory options. The fully customizable cushion and backrest are designed to promote an ideal fit, maximizing comfort, support, and skin protection. In addition to the customizable qualities of Comfort Designs seating products, three convenient ordering options are available for fast orders. An online ordering configurator allows the custom cushions to be ordered in less than 3 minutes from a laptop, tablet, or Smartphone and exported in xml format for third party ordering systems. HCPCS codes for cushions are E2609. Backrests are coded E2617. Pricing is dependent upon the options chosen during customization. Multiple options and accessories are available, including additional covers, incontinence liners, hip guides, and hardware. All products include a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer’s defects.


Phone: (800) 899-5553 Website: Email: [email protected] Product: WAFFLE Seat Cushion WAFFLE Seat Cushion is available in four sizes: original, standard, pediatric, and bariatric. Product is designed to redistribute a patient’s weight, offering comfort while working to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. The cushion features a low-profile design to contour and cradle users. The WAFFLE Seat Cushion also provides safety and convenience for getting in and out of chairs, and the air venting holes allow heat and moisture to easily dissipate for enhanced comfort. The WAFFLE Seat Cushion also utilizes static air technology to support soft tissue and aid in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers through Stage IV. The cushions do not have any Medicare reimbursement (with the exception of the Overlay and FootHold). Approximate retail prices are: Pediatric cushion $28; Standard Adult Cushion (product only) $30; Bariatric (product only) $80.


Phone: (800) 333-6900 Website: Product: Invacare Matrx Flovair Cushion Gentle/Max Contour The Invacare Matrx Flovair Cushion Gentle/Max Contour incorporates a high resilient positioning foam base with Invacare ThinAir liner overlay combined with thin fluid overlay, inner incontinence cover, and moisture-resistant and breathable outer cover. Features a 15-inch to 24-inch width, and 15-inch to 20-inch depth. The Gentle Contour offers a cushion height of 2.87 inches at the leg trough. The Max Contour offers a 2.88-inch height at leg trough. Each is approved for Medicare codes E2607/E260. Maximum user weight capacity in pounds is: 15 inches wide to 21 inches wide, 300 pounds; and 22 inches wide to 24 inches wide, 500 pounds. Options (incontinence cover, positioning components, etc) include leg length cutouts, removable leg wedges, and cushion rigidizer. Cushion weight is 4.20 pounds, and a 24-month warranty is available. Designed to accommodate users who require lightweight foam cushion with positioning features for pelvic stability and pressure management.


Phone: (800) 328-4058 Fax: (800) 655-4963 Website: Email: usa.customerservice@ Product: OBSS Ortho-Shape The OBSS Ortho-Shape is a custom system engineered to reproduce the client’s shape using high-temperature thermoplastics that are vacuum-formed to replicate a digital image the therapist creates. Liners are added to complete the system (two are standard; up to four available) to offer growth and excellent adjustability. Available in many sizes and designed to manage complex postural and skin needs, the product is engineered to correct and accommodate asymmetrical postures and offers a fixed seat-to-back angle for consistent positioning. Simple modifications can be made in the field. OBSS Ortho-Shape works well with clients of all ages who require maximum pressure redistribution and positioning within a custom contoured wheelchair seating system. Custom features include a heated, vacuum-formed ABS shell that can be reshaped in the field, and removable, washable liners to accommodate size changes, especially for pediatric users. HCPCS are codes E2609/E2617. Marketed at $4,200 for a full system. Product: Aerial Cushion Ottobock’s Aerial Cushion is made of reticulated foam and includes BREATHAIR inserts.

The cushion is made to be lightweight at 1.74 pounds, and designed to provide an ideal blend when combined with an ultra lightweight wheelchair. The breathable reticulated foam and BREATHAIR technology work to optimize airflow without compromising pressure distribution. Product is available in adult sizes. The design of Ottobock’s Aerial cushion is engineered to provide ventilation, letting heat and moisture dissipate effectively. BREATHAIR core is customizable for individual preference. HCPCS code is E2624 and MSRP is $515. Accessories include the BREATHAIR core, available in three densities.

Patien Tech/Vista Medical Ltd

Phone: (800) 822-3553 Website: or Email: [email protected] Product(s): BodiTrak Smart Fabric Elastic Seat and Back, Bed and Foot Pressure Mapping Systems, BodiTrak Shift Balance Assessment and BodiTrak Center of Gravity Wheelchair Adjustment System BodiTrak Seat, Bed, and Foot Smart Fabric pressure mapping systems use advanced elastic sensors with built-in Smart USB electronics—designed to be economical, stretchable, portable, and easy-to-use. Simply plug the USB cable into a computer. BodiTrak’s durable elastic Smart Fabric sensors mold to the client’s body and clean easily with standard disinfectants. BodiTrak wheelchair adjustment sensors help visualize how changes in axle location, seat dump, and wheel size affect stability and maneuverability. With BodiTrak’s affordable Smart Fabrics, Smart Surfaces are a reality. Beds, wheelchairs, pillows, and seats can have permanently integrated pressure mapping systems that monitor and manage the surface. BodiTrak is useful for pediatrics to adults, bariatric patients, and many custom sizes. Prices range from $4,995 for seat and back systems to $5,995 for bed systems. BodiTrak is complete with 1-year warranty and toll-free technical support.


Phone: (800) 736-0925 Website: Email: [email protected] Product: Permobil Ergonomic Positioning Cushion with ROHO Insert Permobil’s cushion technology offers users air and foam solutions. ROHO and Permobil have joined together to evolve Permobil’s Corpus 3G positioning cushion to feature an optional ROHO insert for added comfort, support, and skin protection. The cushion combines the shape matching ability of the ROHO Dry Floatation technology with Permobil’s ergonomic design. Design enhances the Corpus 3G Seating system, providing users with superior skin protection. This new cushion allows for improved pelvic alignment and stability while maintaining optimal support of both the ischial tuberosities and greater trochanters. Product accommodates adult and bariatric users. HCPCS code is E2622. The wheelchair seat cushion targets skin protection and has a width less than 22 inches.

Prairie Seating Corp

Phone: (847) 568-0001 Fax: (847) 568-0002 Website: Email: [email protected] Product: PSS-007 Patented Contour Laser Scan with HI – TEC Contour Capture Prairie Seating Corp is the custom fabricator of REFLECTION Custom Contoured Molded Cushions, offered for users of all ages and sizes. Cushions are engineered with Swing Away Laterals plus back and seat vents. REFLECTION cushions can be supplied with a vinyl cover or naked with a removable cover in several different colors. Additional features include mounting pans, extra depth, side supports, and more. The product has been assigned HCPCS codes E2609 and E2617. Prairie Seating Corporation is also the designer and manufacturer of the PSS-97 Molding Frame and PSS-98 plane and simple planar simulator. The company and its products are supported by a network of highly skilled rehab dealers. Prairie Seating Corporation products are produced in the company’s own HI-TEC CNC equipped plant, accredited with seven registrations and ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 certification.

Quantum Rehab

Phone: (800) 800-8586 Website: Email: [email protected] Product: Synergy Cushions and Backs Synergy Cushions and Backs from Quantum Rehab are available in air, gel, Sil-air, and foam, and offer a variety of pressure management and positioning solutions in a range of sizes. All seat cushions have a 350-pound weight capacity in sizes from 10 x 10 up to 32 x 28. The Spectrum cushion features a 650-pound weight capacity when ordered with the viscoelastic foam insert. Each Synergy Cushion and Back uses components designed to deliver specialized pressure management and maximize comfort. Quantum’s TRU-Comfort Back and Seat Cushions are available with the option of a 4-way stretch or new air mesh covers. Prices range from $98 through $595, with additional up-charges for custom sizes. HCPCS cushion codes are E2601, E2602, E2603, E2604, E2605, E2606, E2607, E2608, E2622, E2623, E2624, and E2625. HCPCS back codes are E2611, E2612, E2613, E2614, E2620, and E2621.

Ride Designs

Phone: (866) 781-1633 Website: Email: [email protected] Product(s): Ride Custom Cushion and Ride Forward Cushion Cushions are marketed in many sizes. The Custom (HCPSC E2609) has a 300-pound maximum weight capacity and proprietary foam process, designed to be lightweight, breathable, and washable. Cushion shape is customized to the client’s anatomy and offers contour off-loads at risk skin areas. Amount of off-loading is adjustable in the field. Offered with a 90-day fit and function guarantee and 2-year manufacturer warranty. Price depends on features and accessories. The Forward (HCPSC E2607) is comprised of a Visco elastic layer over a contoured polyurethane foam base and provides an incontinent inner cover and spacer fabric outer cover. The cushion surrounds the pelvis with supportive contours, while reducing pressure around at-risk bony prominences. Offered with an extra cover at $425. Sizes from 12 inches x 12 inches to 20 inches x 20 inches. Custom features for the Forward include the Ride CAM adjustment wedge kit.

Star Cushion Products

Phone: (888) 277-7827 Website: Email: [email protected] Product(s): Standard Star Cushions, Galaxy Cushions, StarLock Cushions, Stabil-Air Cushions All Star Cushions listed above feature air cushion technology with the exception of the new Stabil-Air Cushion, which is priced at $453 to $500. The Stabil-Air blends air and foam, with the air allowing air pressure equalization and foam bringing contoured stability. Foam supporter pieces are designed to strategically inhabit the interior of selected air cells, using the benefits of both air and foam to achieve support and stability. The Starlock cushion ($415 to $445) offers cell-locking technology available in 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, and patented 5-inch-high cells for maximum immersion. The Starlock locks up each air cell into the desired position. The “Locking action” aims to address positioning, stability, and transfer concerns while maintaining soft, flexible air cells for overall tissue maintenance. The Galaxy ($405) is an air adjustable cushion that features a contouring design. Standard Star Cushions are priced at $375 to $399. HCPCS codes for the cushions are E2622, E2623, E2624, E2625, E2609, and E2617. Cushions offered with 2-year warranty, hand pump, and repair kit.

Stealth Products Inc

Phone: (800) 965-9229 Website: Email: [email protected] Product(s): I2I, I-Drive, Lightning, TWB Hardware, Custom Seating, Head Supports, Alternative Drive Controls

Stealth Products provides custom seating that targets a client-specific linear seating line. Includes off the shelf back supports True Forming Back, and Lightweight Ped. Back. Stealth custom seating products are comprised of plywood, ABS, or metal base materials with high-quality pressure management foams. A wide variety of fabrics is also available to address client-specific conditions and increase functional effectiveness. Stealth custom seating products are designed in both pediatric and adult configurations. The company provides a wide range of unique positioning products including articulating “Link” hardware, and FSC (Full Surface Contact) pad mount plates. HCPCS codes are E2609, E2617, E0955, E0956, E0957, E1028, E1236, and E2330. Pricing is determined upon individual consideration, as Stealth custom seating requires client-specific configuration.

Sunrise Medical

Phone: (800) 333-4000 Website: Email: [email protected] Product: JAY Fusion Cushion JAY Fusion Cushion features a foam pelvic loading area base with choice of JAY Flow fluid inserts or ROHO DRY FLOATATION Single or Dual Valve inserts. Cushion is engineered to ease the fitting process with a Pelvic Loading Area (PLA) size based on anthropometric data and sized for cushion width and PLA insert options (fluid or air) right sized for PLA. Smooths the ordering process with smart part numbers to simplify building, and a wide range of available modifications. The JAY Fusion Cushion offers a soft upper base foam and steep well walls for an exceptional fit. Options include inner cover with Aquaguard moisture-resistant zipper, X-static antimicrobial outer cover with fluid option, or Stretch cover with air option. Custom features include pelvic loading areas built to evenly distribute pressure under the pelvis while maintaining stability. Additional features are fluid volumes, pelvic loading area sizing, and insert options (fluid or air). HCPCS codes are E2622/E2623. Base cushion pricing is $440.


Phone: (408) 432-1616 Website: Email: [email protected] Product: Stimulite Contoured wheelchair cushion Supracor’s lightweight, washable Stimulite honeycomb cushions are engineered to provide users with total pressure management, offering pressure relief, reduced shearing, and ventilation to control heat and moisture—the key to preventing and healing pressure sores. Cushions accommodate pediatric, adult, bariatric, and custom sizing. Stimulite’s flexible cellular matrix consists of alternating thick-and-thin-walled cells that flex when compressed to relieve pressure. When sitting on a Stimulite cushion, the compressed cells radiate outwards to surround and support the anatomy. HCPCS code is E2607 and the cushion is priced at $188 to $487. Specially designed covers are available, including sheepskin, and fully breathable covers. Tension-Adjustable Backs for both folding and rigid frame wheelchairs are also offered.


Phone: (617) 464-4500 or (800) 248-3669 Website: medical.html Email: [email protected] Product: CONFORMat CONFORMat is a portable pressure mapping system engineered to clearly identify and quantify areas of high pressure in the back and seat. Can be used with adults or children to validate cushion selections, identify unseen asymmetries, aid in custom seating development, and provide visual feedback. CONFORMat is designed to help determine optimal positioning and cushioning, thereby reducing risk for pressure sores or ulcers. Provides data about peak pressures and contact area in real time on a PC, displaying effects of adjustments made. System also aims to help identify pelvic asymmetries not always easily seen during a regular evaluation, allowing clients to objectively compare weight distribution between right and left, and front and back. CONFORMat is flexible to conform to body contours. HCPCS codes depend on service provided and policies in effect. Cost ranges from $6,995 to $16,995, depending on number of sensors, hardware, and software required. Choice of tethered or wireless hardware, clinical or enhanced research software.

The ROHO Group

Phone: (800) 851-3449 or (618) 277-9173 Website: Email: [email protected] [email protected] (Customer Care, Jackie Klotz) Product: ROHO Select Series Cushions ROHO Select Series air cushions feature the ISOFLO Memory Control. The cushions are engineered to offer users an adjustable skin protection and positioning cushion—used to prevent and treat skin/soft tissue breakdown. They offer a stable sitting environment and are easy to clean. The cushions are intended to accommodate all user groups and have no weight limit if inflated properly. The ISOFLO Memory Control feature allows users to lock the air in place for a more stable seating environment, to assist with positioning, or to maintain a position the user is comfortable with. HCPCS codes are E2624 and E2625 and price ranges from $458 to $509. A 3-year warranty, additional cover options, and custom cushion options are also available.


Phone: (800) 827-4548 Fax: (206) 343-5795 Website: Email: [email protected] Product: Evolution cushion The Evolution cushion is engineered to accommodate wheelchair users with a high risk of tissue breakdown and symmetric positioning needs. It targets superior pressure distribution, positioning stability, comfort, and simplicity, and can be used by pediatric, adult, and bariatric users. The Varilite® Air-Foam Floatation construction uses air for pressure distribution and support, as well as multi-stiffness foam for stable pelvic positioning. Self-inflating; no pump needed. Evolution cushions less than 22 inches are priced at $364 and Evolution cushions greater than 22 inches are $442. Includes 2-year warranty, excluding the cushion cover. HCPCS codes are E2622, Skin Protection Wheelchair Seat Cushion, adjustable, width less than 22 inches, any depth, and E2623 Skin Protection Wheelchair Seat Cushion, adjustable, width 22 inches or greater, any depth.