gaitriteCIR Systems Inc, headquartered in Sparta, NJ, exclusive distributor of the GAITRite Potable Walkway System, has introduced the expansion of the original GAITRite Walkway product line.

The company notes that thanks to an abundance of research it has perfected a new 3/8-inch sensor and developed the GAITRite/HD family of products. CIR notes that these products can be integrated into a new GAITRite/HD walkway or separated into freestanding dedicated us products.The GAITRite/HD Lite is designed to accommodate practices in which space is at a premium or a higher-definition sensor array is required. The Lite is engineered to support all clinically relevant function of the classic GAITRite system and is available in sizes ranging from 8 feet to 15 feet.

Balance software offers the ability to record foot planter pressure and Static 2D Posturography assessment. The software is intended to work with any of the various GAITRite/HD walkways and the company’s most compact system which is a single pad 18-inch square active area, 23 inches by 29 inches overall, that uses high density 3/8-inch on center sensors. The system features a portfolio case for eased transport and storage.

A biofeedback training system is also available to users and targets improvement in balance by using simple weight-shifting protocols. A stepping feature evaluates balance and stamina while users rapidly step in place. The feature is engineered to work with all GAITRite/HD platforms from the single pad up to the longest walkway.

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[Source: CIR Systems Inc/GAITRite]