Arroyo Grande Community Hospital’s (AGCH) Acute Rehabilitation Center is reportedly the only facility on the Central Coast to utilize the Andago, a robotic therapy device that helps patients with stroke or brain injury regain their ability to walk.

The Andago senses the patient’s movement intention and actively responds while providing dynamic body weight support and fall protection. It actively follows the patient and doesn’t need to be pulled or pushed. The unique combination of self-directed gait, support, and mobility enables the patient to walk naturally, which triggers continuous physiological afferent input. It also allows the therapist to focus on the individual’s training in real and safe environment settings.

The Acute Rehabilitation Center is also home to the ArmeoSpring, an ergonomic and adjustable exoskeleton that guides arm and hand training through tailored arm weight support. The Armeo can help improve the quality of movement, arm function, muscle strength, range of motion, pain and spasticity, activities of daily living, and cognitive function.

“We are thrilled to be the only facility on the Central Coast that offers life-changing robotic therapy,” says Acute Rehabilitation Director, Kerry Nau. “The Acute Rehabilitation Center is state-of-the-art and our patients greatly benefit by having access to the latest technology and advancements locally.”

[Source: DIH]