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Product: Signature-Fit

Signature-Fit custom cushions are tailored to fit each customer’s needs, featuring firm and soft foam for a soft feel with more support, maximum pressure relief, increased sitting tolerance, postural support, and comfort. The carving process allows for shipment of unfinished cushions for a trial fit, so shaping adjustments can be made prior to the final shipment. Cushions can be fabricated to enhance the mold shape and/or facilitate attachment to wheelchairs, and feature an array of options such as pressure relief soft spots, rail-cuts, footrest removal notches, and rear seat notches. Due to the custom process, no returns are allowed.

Quantum Rehab®

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Products: Synergy® Solution® Cushion, Synergy® Spectrum® Air Cushion

The Synergy Solution Cushion has a contoured, wrap-and-lift base designed with high-density, high-resiliency polyurethane foam that redistributes weight away from areas vulnerable to skin breakdown. This, along with a twin-cell gel insert, viscoelastic foam layer, and four-way stretch top fabric, offers pressure management, positioning, and long-lasting comfort. The cushion is available in a complete range of sizes and is compatible with a broad array of seating systems. Custom sizes are available. The MSRP ranges from $380 to $430, based on the size. A 2-year warranty is offered. The HCPCS codes for these cushions are E2607 to E2608.

The Synergy Spectrum Air Cushion features an adjustable 4-inch multicell air insert and Quantum Rehab’s exclusive waterproof/washable Sil-Air silicone open-cell foam base, to deliver unprecedented stability and positioning from an air cushion. The unique design allows for maximum airflow and moisture protection, which helps to deliver superb skin protection and comfort. The cushion is ideal for users who require a high level of skin protection and positioning. It also features a standard 3-mm ACM solid seat insert, and a hand pump and self-closing valve for air-pressure adjustment. The model number and price vary depending on size. A 2-year warranty is offered, and HCPCS codes are K0734 to K0735, and K0736 to K0737 for the contoured base.

The ROHO Group

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Product: ROHO® Select Series

These wheelchair cushions do it all for wheelchair users by providing maximum skin protection, positioning, stability, customized fit, and performance. Based on 35 years of research and client experience, ROHO DRY FLOATATION® technology provides unparalleled performance in facilitating blood flow by fitting, matching, and tracking the shape of a person’s body. Select Series cushions also feature ISOFLO Memory Control®, which offers shape-fitting capabilities while users are seated, enabling quick and easy on-demand adjustment to maximize function and positioning. The cushions are adjustable, lightweight, washable, repairable, and ventilated. Each cushion comes with a two-way stretch cover, hand-inflation pump, repair kit, and operating instructions, and it is constructed of a flame-resistant neoprene rubber. Any wheelchair user can be accommodated, and there is no weight limit for Select Series cushions as long as the cushion is properly sized to the client. Select Series cushion sizes range from 12 to 20 inches, and can be custom made for users with specific needs. Users may choose from the following models: QUADTRO SELECT HIGH PROFILE®, QUADTRO SELECT LOW PROFILE®, QUADTRO SELECT MID PROFILE™ (new expanded sizes), and CONTOUR SELECT®.

Select Series cushions are retail priced at $449 for standard sizes. Custom sized cushions’ retail prices vary. They are coded as follows:

  • QUADTRO SELECT HIGH PROFILE codes are K0736 (12 to 20 inches) and K0737 (22 to 24 inches); the QUADTRO SELECT HIGH PROFILE CUSTOM is coded E2609.
  • QUADTRO SELECT MID PROFILE codes requested are K0736 (12 to 20 inches), and K0737 (22 to 24 inches).
  • QUADTRO SELECT LOW PROFILE code is K0736 (12 to 20 inches) and K0737 for QUADTRO SELECT LOW PROFILE nonstock large sizes between 101 and 160 cells. The code for QUADTRO SELECT LOW PROFILE CUSTOM is E2609.
  • CONTOUR SELECT code is K0736 (15 to 20 inches), and the code for the CONTOUR SELECT in nonstock large sizes (between 101 and 160 cells) is K0737. The code for the CONTOUR SELECT CUSTOM is E2609.

The ROHO Group provides a 3-year limited warranty with all Select Series cushions.

Star Cushion Products

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Freeburg, IL 62243
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Product: StarLock* (available in 4-, 3-, and 2-inch cell heights), Galaxy,* standard contour (4-inch cell height), mid contour (3-inch cell height), short contour (2-inch cell height), CXR (coccyx relief cushion), recliners, and customs (*denotes patented products by Star Cushion Products)

Star produces multicelled, air-adjustable, and custom cushions. The company provides expeditious customer service before and after the sale through its home office, dealer network, and dedicated sales reps in the field. Cushion covers can be machined washed on a delicate cycle and placed in a low-heat dryer, or immersed in lukewarm water using mild soap with a washcloth or soft-bristled brush. All cushions are repairable at a minimal cost. Air cells can be replaced without compromising the structural integrity or functional aspects of the products (loaners are available for clients during repair). The entire line of cushions are air adjustable and conform to the client’s individual profile. By adding additional valving for multiple zones, cushions can adjust for obliquities and other minor seating challenges. To better address posture and seating changes, add aggressive positioning and stability, and improve patient transfers, the patented StarLock cushion adapts to more difficult seating challenges—enabling locking of each individual air cell and immediately creating a custom seating environment in 10 to 15 seconds. With the most recent product release, the Galaxy line offers a unique anatomical form-fitting design, featuring generous voided areas for the coccyx and perineum as well as abductors, adductors, and a large trochanters cell for increased load-bearing. Replacement covers, rigid base inserts, and smaller cushion pads to accommodate patients’ needs are available.

For cushions ranging from pediatric sizes to less than 22 inches in width or depth, the MSRP is $375 to $415. A wide range of bariatric and custom sizes are available on request at an competitive price and quick turnaround time. The standard (4-inch cell height), mid (3-inch cell height), short (2-inch cell height), CXR, and StarLock cushions are available in pediatric through bariatric sizes as well as custom configurations. The award-winning Galaxy cushions are available in 16 inches to 20 inches in varying width and depths.

The HCPCS codes are KO734, KO735, KO736, KO737, E2609, and E2617. All cushions offer a 2-year warranty.


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Product: Evolution PSV™

The Evolution PSV is the cushion of choice for wheelchair users with a high risk of tissue breakdown and symmetric positioning needs. Superior pressure distribution, positioning stability, comfort, and simplicity have made the cushion widely popular, and now there is no guesswork in cushion adjustment with the innovative PSV (Pressure Setting Valve) added to the Evolution. The PSV works by sensing the amount of internal cushion pressure. As air is released, internal pressure decreases, and the user is immersed in the cushion for effective pressure distribution. When the PSV senses that enough air has been released, it automatically shuts off the flow. The client closes the PSV. Adjustment is simple and consistent. A therapist can select the Evolution PSV with confidence, knowing that a client or caregiver can adjust the Evolution PSV easily for optimal pressure distribution. It is available in pediatric, adult, and bariatric sizes. VARILITE air-foam floatation construction uses air for pressure distribution and support, and multistiffness foam for stable pelvic positioning. It is self-inflating; no pump is ever needed. A 2-year warranty is offered, excluding the cushion cover. Model numbers vary. The Evolution PSV (width less than 22 inches, HCPCS code K0734) MSRP is $364, and the Evolution PSV (width 22 inches or greater, HCPCS code K0735) MSRP is $442.

Vista Medical Ltd

Unit 3, 55 Henlow Bay
Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1G4, Canada
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Product: FSA Pressure Mapping Systems

Vista’s rehabilitation seating technology comprises FSA seat and back pressure mapping systems, which help prevent pressure ulcers and improve patient function and comfort. FSA systems are soft interface pressure mapping systems, in which a thin, durable, flexible sensor is placed under the person’s body as close to the skin as is practicable. In conjunction with the electronics and software, the FSA provides real-time information about the pressures affecting the patient’s skin, which, along with proposed solutions, can be documented as snapshots or recordings with benefits demonstrated. FSA systems can be used as a biofeedback tool to educate patients/caregivers, and to help increase range of motion and pressure-relief capabilities. Additional tools include temperature, humidity, wheelchair center of gravity, bed, foot, and shear sensors. FSA systems are supported by skilled company-direct representatives and affiliates in the field, and Vista provides live, interactive Web-based training, toll-free technical support, free software upgrades, and other resources on the Web site. Delivery is usually within 1 week, but varies, depending on the product. FSA electronics can be easily and inexpensively repaired. Sensing mats are robust and flexible; their lifespan depends on care and maintenance and how often they are used for assessments—however, 3 to 4 years is common. Loaner systems or sensing mats are provided on request to help customers maintain scheduled appointments. FSA assessment systems can range from under $7,000 to under $10,000 MSRP. Larger seat mats are available, but most users choose the typical seat size of 21 by 21 inches. Smaller sensors are available for pediatrics, headrests, and armrests, and bed-sized sensors and several foot sizes are available, as are temperature-sensing mats, humidity sensors, shear sensors, and custom-designed sensors of various sizes and pressure ranges.

As with other clinic tools, there is no direct payment for FSA systems themselves, but clinicians may be able to recover their clinic time while FSA is being used with patients. Rehabilitation-technology suppliers typically include FSA among their services, and many have developed contracts with facilities, recovering some of the cost of the FSA directly.

Vista offers a 3-year warranty on electronics and a 2-year prorated warranty for sensing mats.