In a recent news release, provider of technologies designed to analyze gait, foot function, sway, and biomechanics, Tekscan Inc, has announced that it will be showcasing a variety of lab-based biomechanical assessment and application technology solutions at the 7th World Congress of Biomechanics meeting in Boston, July 6 to 11.

Technology solutions slated to be demonstrated by the company include the F-scan Wireless in-shoe foot function and gait analysis system, featuring thin high-resolution sensors, synchronization with Tekscan systems and external systems, as well data export capabilities.

The Portable and lightweight HR Mat pressure measurement system, a high-resolution mat system with automated 3-Box, Peak Pressure, Stance Timing analyses, and Sway Analysis will also be featured. Rounding out the additional solutions to be displayed are the K-Scan joint analysis system, designed to provide in-situ measurements of joint dynamics, and the Pressure Mapping Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows direct access to the functionality of Tekscan’s sensors and signal conditioning electronics so data can be transferred directly into third party software and systems.

Norman Murphy, PhD, director of Product & Market Research & Development, Tekscan, Inc, adds “…With the new software releases for the F-Scan and MatScan systems, researchers will be able to save time analyzing data by using the automated 3-box, peak pressure, and center of force velocity calculations. Critical for researchers, results can be exported via reports that present a complete picture of the phenomenon under study.”

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Source: Tekscan