CIR Systems Inc, Sparta, NJ, has announced the release of the GAITRite Ultimate Surface for Real World Walking (“Surface”), a portable device for temporospatial gait analysis that includes the standard GAITRite gait parameters. The Surface is a Wi-Fi-based system that can be tailored to create walkways of any length or width as well as cover a complete floor as it consists of wireless squares that snap together to create any pattern, no tools required. The Surface can also be used to create additional configurations, including left or right turns, zigzag walkways, a “T,” and/or a box. This device supports 24 levels of relative pressure and is engineered to provide all the reporting and analysis of the original GAITRite, according to a company news release.

The company reports that in the future, integration with other wireless devices will be added, as well as the release of an “SDK” in both “VB NET” and “C sharp” for those who want decisive control over their environment. The system is designed to be expandable and grow with a clinician’s needs, and includes obstacles, turns, cues, and prompts.

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[Source: CIR Systems Inc]