AliMed Inc
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Product: AliMed Stay-Put Cushion

AliMed’s Stay-Put cushions, available in temper foam, combination foam, and solid gel in combination with foam and air cushion, feature removable covers for easy laundering with options including Aerocell low cell single or dual valve air cushion, Sit Straight Cushion with Coccyx Relief convex wedge shape cushion with pressure-relieving cutout to reduce sag in a sling seat, T-Gel Solid gel layer that can help reduce shear, and T-Foam temper foam layer for pressure relief on top of a solid seat base. The hinged cushions are sized 16-inch by 16-inch or 18-inch by 16-inch for adults, and fasten under the sling seat. Prices range from $106.75 to $267.

Aquila Corporation
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Product: Airpulse PK

The Airpulse PK cushion, designed for those at high risk for pressure ulcers, uses alternate air cells to automatically inflate/deflate the cushion to the desired firmness on an adjustable timed cycle. The cushion can be manufactured in any size and has no size or weight limitations. Quick-disconnect feature enables air cells located under existing pressure ulcers to be easily and quickly made to not inflate, providing near zero upward pressure under the sore and allowing the client to sit while the sore is healing. HCPCS code is E2609. Product price ranges are $3,300 to $3,700. Optional equipment includes an alternating pressure back cushion and a moisture control unit (MCU) engineered to keep the skin cool and dry.

ATG Rehab
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Product: Jay Zip, Jay 3

ATG provides customized evaluation, fitting, support, and fast delivery times. ATG also offers expert staff and a variety of custom seating technologies. The company uses PRM Rehab, for custom molded seating products because of its speedy delivery, quality products, and advanced technology. PRM uses a digital camera to photograph a finished mold, then transmit the image electronically where it is transformed into custom molded cushions. The MSRP depends on the product selected, which is based on medical justification and diagnosis. ATG specializes in Complex Rehab Equipment as it relates to the seating and wheeled mobility needs of clients. The products used, and corresponding HCPCS codes, depend on the medical diagnosis and physical presentation of the client at evaluation. At the trial fitting, the comfort of the client must remain intact, along with the postural support goals of the evaluation team. Adjustments and modifications are established in the evaluation and appropriately executed at the fitting.

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Product: Medline EquaGel Cushion

EquaPressure’s Medline EquaGel Cushion line is comprised of a honeycomb structured non-fluid gel. The honeycomb gel is designed to isolate pressure-sensitive areas and support the rest of the body, maintaining it in good alignment. The three cushion models are sized to fit adult and high-risk users and feature pelvic contouring to provide comfort and pressure distribution. The line includes the Medline EquaGel Adjustable Protector Cushion, engineered with three interchangeable components to improve customized therapy. Each cushion offers subtle differences to meet their HCPCS codes, which are E2601, E2603, E2622. Pricing available through Medline.

Invacare Corporation
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Product: Invacare Matrx Flovair Cushion

The Invacare Matrx Flovair Cushion incorporates a fluid overlay used in conjunction with the Invacare ThinAir liner and a soft HR foam base for optimal pressure redistribution and reduction of shear forces. The cushion is available in Gentle or Max Contour and features soft foam that allows for immersion of the pelvis for stability and pressure redistribution without bottoming out. HCPCS Codes are E2607/E2608. Price ranges for the Matrx Flovair, Gentle Contour are ITFG; $390/$490; and for the Matrx Flovair Max Contour ITFM; $390/$490. Options include removable leg wedges, leg length cutouts, slim profile solid seat inserts to eliminate hammocking, and a Pelvic Obliquity Kit that accommodates 0.5-inch or 1-inch obliquities.

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Products: Aquos, Aerial, and NUTEC cushions

Rest Suspension Foam in the Aquos cushion (HCPCS E2607) produces a stable, lightweight cushion that doesn’t bottom out. The anatomic shape is protected by a water-resistant Dartex cover that features ultra-thin LiquiCell packets. Rest Suspension Foam is built to absorb shock and dampen vibrations while LiquiCell inserts help reduce shear forces and maintain skin integrity. Available in adult sizes at MSRP of $364. The Aerial cushion (HCPCS E2624) is made of open cell reticulated foam and includes Breathair inserts. Aerial provides ventilation, allowing heat and moisture to dissipate effectively. Customizable core is available in three densities. Weighs 1.74 lbs and available in adult sizes with MSRP of $510. NUTEC (HCPCS E2609/E2617) is a highly customizable and adjustable planar seating system designed to work with a variety of mobility bases and accommodate all user groups. Pricing varies depending on needs.

Quantum Rehab
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Products: Synergy Cushions and Backs

Synergy Cushions and Backs from Quantum Rehab are available in air, gel, and foam and offer a variety of pressure management and positioning solutions in a range of sizes that accommodate pediatric to bariatric clients. Each Synergy Cushion and Back uses unique components to deliver specialized pressure management and maximize comfort. Pediatric, adult, bariatric, and custom sizes and configurations upon request. Visit for more details. HCPCS codes E2601, E2602, E2603, E2604, E2605, E2606, E2607, E2608, E2622, E2633, E2624, and E2625. The product’s prices range from $98 through $580, with additional up-charges for custom sizes. Custom sizes and configurations are available upon request. Additional covers and solid seat inserts also available.

Ride Designs
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Products: Ride Custom Cushion and Ride Forward Cushion

Ride’s cushions are available in pediatric and adult sizes. The cushions and cover materials are lightweight, breathable, and washable, and have a 90-day fit and function guarantee, and 2-year manufacturer warranty. The Custom’s shape is customized to the client’s anatomy and offers contour off-loads at high risk skin areas. The Forward (HCPSC E2607) is priced at $425 and features a visco elastic layer over a contoured polyurethane foam base, an incontinent inner cover, custom CAM hardware to adjust offloading, and spacer fabric cover. Next day shipping for the Forward is 14 days to 18 business days for custom manufacturing. The Custom (HCPSC E2609) has a 300-pound weight capacity; price varies depending on features/accessories integrated at time of manufacture. The Forward offers accessories such as a CAM Wedge Kit and extra cover.

Star Cushion Products Inc
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Products: 5-inch Starlock Cushion

Star Cushion accommodates therapists who work with hard-to-fit clients. Four air cell heights can be used to achieve a particular shape that helps to isolate pressure ulcers. Starlock technology increases stability, aids in patient transfers, and is used as a positioning device. All cushions are repairable and have an optional loaner program, even if the cushion is out of warranty. MSRP is $375 to $445, for pediatrics to adult and bariatric sizes. HCPCS codes are E2622, E2623, E2624, E2625, E2609, and E2617. Star’s most popular design for posture changes is the Starlock Cushion. If the desired cushion position is not attained, it can be unlocked, and locked once again. The locking mechanism is attached to the cushion at all times for easy access. Star makes cushioning for laterals, calf supports, heel protection, and custom cushioning for back systems. All products have a 2-year warranty.

Stealth Products Inc
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Products: i2i, custom seating, TWB laterals, Comfort Plus, Ultra Series, Tri-Comfort, Lightning, Gatlin

Stealth Products Inc aims to offer high-quality fabricated seating products, with the client and caregiver in mind. The company’s custom seating incorporates technologies including foams, gels, and honeycomb, and can accommodate the needs of pediatric, adult, and bariatric clients. Versatility in mounting and adaptability to change are two benefits of Stealth seating products. HCPCS codes are E2609, E2617, E0956, E0955, E0957, E1028, and K0108. Prices vary depending on the product mix and necessary custom modifications. Stealth Products Inc supplies custom seating and accessories, head supports, switch mount devices, communication mounts, Gatlin joystick mounts, power and manual tilt modifications, and pediatric mobility bases.

Sunrise Medical
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Products: JAY J3 and J2 Cushions

Sunrise Medical’s foam pelvic loading area base comes with the choice of JAY Flow factory-filled or fluid variable inserts, or ROHO DRY FLOATATION single or dual valve inserts. Pelvic loading areas are reportedly sized based on anthropometric research to evenly distribute pressure under the pelvis while maintaining stability. Fluid volumes, pelvic loading area sizing, insert options (fluid or air), addition or removal of positioning accessories, and covers can be adjusted or replaced to accommodate a user’s changing seating needs over time. Cushion sizes are available for adult, bariatric, and custom patients. HCPS codes are E2622/E2623 and E2624/E2625. Base cushion pricing is $440.

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Products: Stimulite Classic, Classic XS, Contoured, Contoured XS, Slimline, Slimline XS, Sport, Silver, Bariatric, Contoured Pediatric and Corbee Pediatric Cushions

Stimulite honeycomb cushions from Supracor are designed to provide total pressure management, with maceration resistance, pressure relief plus positioning, and shear force reduction, for pressure sore prevention. Ventilated, flexible, fusion-bonded honeycomb cells can stimulate blood flow to enhance circulation and provide uniform load distribution. The Stimulite cushions are available for pediatric, bariatric, adult, and custom patients, and are described as lightweight, durable, washable, and recyclable. HCPCS codes are E2603 and E2607. Cushions are $188 to $512, with a 2-year warranty. Supracor offers Stimulite Adjustable Positioning Wedges for pelvic obliquities, Stimulite Tension Adjustable Wheelchair Backs, a Stimulite Lumbar Support, and Stimulite Breathable Sheets for cushioning headrests and armrests.

Tekscan Inc
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Product: CONFORMat

Tekscan’s CONFORMat portable interface pressure mapping system identifies and quantifies areas of high pressure to validate cushion selections, identify unseen asymmetries, aid in custom seating development, and provide patients with clear visual feedback. The CONFORMat system provides data about peak pressures and contact area in real time. CONFORMat can be used with adults or children. HCPCS codes depend on the service provided and policies in effect. Cost for the system ranges from $6,995 to $16,995. Customization options include tethered or wireless hardware, clinical or enhanced research software, and Video Synchronization software or the Sway Analysis Module (SAM). Tekscan’s F-Socket, MatScan, Walkway, and F-Scan can all reportedly integrate with the CONFORMat system.

The Comfort Company
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Products: Vicair (Adjuster Cushion and Vector Cushion)

Vicair Technology cushions from The Comfort Company are created to be lightweight, weighing 1.25 pounds to 1.8 pounds. The Vicair’s newly designed “Comfort Cells” can be added or removed from specially designed compartments in the cushion shell to optimize pressure redistribution, envelopment in the support medium, and provide positioning options. This allows the user to immerse into the cushion while also providing stability. Vicair cushions are intended for active adult patients. HPCSC codes for the Adjuster are K0734/K0735 and for the Vector are K0736/K0737. Price ranges are $195.80 to $216.67 for the Adjuster and $205.13 to $226 for the Vector.

The ROHO Group
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Fax: (888) 551-3449

Product: ROHO Hybrid Elite Cushion

The ROHO Hybrid Elite Wheelchair Cushion combines the skin protection and shape matching ability of ROHO DRY FLOATATION with the stability of JAY base technology in an air and foam combo. The JAY contoured foam base engineered specifically for ROHO can provide improved positioning of the pelvis and lower extremities and is available with single or dual compartment cushions. The ROHO cushion is recommended for individuals who are at a moderate to high risk for skin breakdown, require pelvic and lower extremity positioning, have difficulty with lower extremity positioning and alignment, have asymmetrical postures, and need front to back or side to side positioning. HCPCS codes are E2622 and E2623. Prices range from $469 to $519.

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Product: Meridian Cushion

VARILITE’s Meridian cushion aims to provide exceptional pressure distribution, positioning, stability, and comfort. Two independently adjustable, air-foam floatation chambers create pressure distribution and allow for independent positioning of the pelvis and thighs. The dual chambers of the Meridian work together to correct sacral sitting, and the cushion can be combined with a contoured Wave base for added positioning stability. The Meridian cushion is intended for pediatric, adult, and bariatric patients. HCPCS codes are E2624 and E2625. The Meridian cushion ranges from $375 to $458, with a 2-year warranty. A removable, washable cover is available in mesh or incontinence material.

Vista Medical Ltd
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Products: FSA Stretchable Seat and Back Sensor Pressure Mapping System, FSA Stretchable Bed Sensor Pressure Mapping System, FSA Center of Gravity Wheelchair Adjustment System

Vista Medical Ltd offers a stretchable pressure-sensing mat, made with layers of Lycra to promote durability, and stretch sensor technology to ensure the accurate measurement of patients’ pressure while sitting or lying down. Vista Medical mats can be used for anyone concerned about monitoring pressure and preventing pressure ulcers. They are made with a breathable all-fabric sensor surface, and feature a wireless connection for easy portability and display. The mats also offer the ability to adjust axle position and wheelchair configuration with real-time feedback about how performance of the wheelchair and user safety and mobility are affected. The mats range from $4,500 to $10,000, with a 1-year warranty, training, and free technical support.