The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) announces the awarding of five new MDA grants totaling more than $1.6 million toward research focused on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

The newly funded projects will aim to: create a clinical trials platform for testing multiple drugs simultaneously; deploy an ALS Toolkit; continue development of a biobank and database that can be used by ALS researchers; develop and validate a new gene therapy strategy for ALS and frontotemporal degeneration (FTD); and prepare for a personalized clinical trial of a novel treatment for ALS symptoms, while also researching risk factors and the cause of ALS, a media release from MDA explains.

“We are at a time of unprecedented progress in ALS, thanks in large part to the foundation established by MDA’s investments. We now have greater insight into the processes that underlie this disease and the ability to target specific genes where genetic causes are identified.”

— Sharon Hesterlee, PhD, chief research officer for MDA

For more information about the awards in the Summer 2020 ALS grant cycle, visit the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

[Source(s): Muscular Dystrophy Association, PR Newswire]

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