Tobii Dynavox, together with d-bur, have developed a suite of apps that aim to help make popular social media and streaming platforms more accessible for people with disabilities.

The apps are currently only available on Tobii Dynavox’s new communication devices, the I-13 and the I-16 with the software Communicator 5, and can be accessed and controlled with eye tracking, touch and switches.

The full suite includes Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, WhatsApp, Android Messages, MSN and Google Calendar.

The apps could enable individuals with conditions, such as cerebral palsy and ALS, to fully enjoy and access social media, streaming and communication apps, according to the company, in a media release.

“Until now, accessing popular apps and websites has been a challenge for individuals using eye tracking. With this new suite, we have developed an innovative new way for our software Communicator 5 to interface with these apps, making them easy to use and enjoy. Together with d-bur, we will continue making even more apps accessible for our community of users,” says Fredrik Ruben, CEO of Tobii Dynavox.

For more information, visit Tobii Dynavox.

[Source(s): Tobii AB, PR Newswire]