The Trust-T-Lift, built by Edmonton, AL, Canada-headquartered RAM Manufacturing Ltd, features a number of updates and improvements, according to the company.

These updates to the TTL750 wheelchair lift include: improved platform and carriage stiffness, the ability to mount a carriage gate safety device with a swing direction on either side, and a polymer-based under platform safety pan device that will eliminate corrosion in this area.

Additional updates, per a media release from the company, include improved installation and assembly of the carriage for lifts that are placed in shafts by optimizing locations for fasteners, reduced weight of carriage components, and relocation of uninterruptible power supply for commercial units to the top of the lift for easier installation and improved aesthetics.

“Although the TTL750 was a great step forward, we have spent a great deal of time to make further improvements to this product,” says Graham Kawulka from RAM Manufacturing Ltd, in the release. “This a great opportunity to help folks that have mobility issues with a new and improved product that we hope will be welcomed by our dealers and the end users as we move to full production in the coming weeks.”

For more information, visit RAM Manufacturing Ltd.

[Source(s): RAM Manufacturing Ltd, PRWeb]