Butler Mobility Products, based in Lewisberry, Pa, has given its IPL platform a design makeover to replace the industrial look associated with its previous design.

The company reports in a media release that the industrial look of the unfinished aluminum tread plate has been replaced by a coated textured floor plate that aims to combine pleasing aesthetics with the benefit of a non-slip surface. The thickness of the folding ramp has also been increased from a .125-inch-thick tread plate to a .160-inch-thick plate to provide more stability for entering and exiting the platform.

Butler’s media release notes that the platform sides have also been redesigned. The previous platform sides were constructed in a two-piece section with a standardized angle bracket attached to a 1/16-inch-thick side plate. The new design incorporates a ¼-inch-thick solid platform side with an integrated angle bracket. The added thickness of the new design side plate makes for a more durable construction, exceeding ANSI standards. This feature is particularly important for durability of use, especially when the client is using a power wheelchair. Since “standard” angle brackets are no longer used, every platform side is now designed specifically for the stairway that it is being created for.

Having the angle bracket integrated into the platform side allows ease of installation when installing the platform, since the angle of the platform side plate is “true” to the angle of the stairway. The design still allows for a plus or minus 2-degree adjustment on the platform.

The undercarriage of the platform frame has also been modified to complement the redesigned platform sides. The frame structure has been strengthened by going from the use of a 1-1/2-inch x 1-1/2-inch x 3/16-inch angle frame to a 1-1/2-inch x 3/16-inch square tubing undercarriage frame.

Another notable change, the company reports, is the platform control tube, where the joystick is attached. This has been redesigned to have an appealing curve, giving it a sleek modern look.

Butler Mobility has also recently updated the paint color choices for its inclined platform lifts by offering five earth tone colors as standard colors at no additional charge.

[Source: Butler Mobility Products]