A product-specific hold on several Snug Seat products during the last 18 months has recently been lifted by the FDA, according to a statement from Scott Crosswhite, vice president of the Matthews, NC-based company. Open orders for the affected products reportedly will begin to be filled March 23.

“Although the process and response has taken far more time to resolve than we had anticipated, It gives me great pleasure in sharing that our release has been verbally communicated by the FDA,” Crosswhite announced via an email statement distributed by Snug Seat. Orders for products affected by the hold are scheduled to ship back into Snug Seat’s Charlotte, NC, distribution facility. Those products will then be shipped to customers according to received inventory and age of order.

Products affected by the order include the following: Cougar, Panther, Cheetah, Flamingo, Stingray, Serval (Tiger 2000), Wombat, Nandu, Swan, Manatee, Rabbit, Buffalo, Gazelle, and Toucan.

“We will be contacting each of you that currently have open orders in-house for these affected products, over the course of the next 2 weeks to confirm you still have a need and then to provide an anticipated ship date,” Crosswhite states.

[Source: Snug Seat]