Nationwide, organizations overall want to be inclusive, but are unintentionally excluding the one-in-five people with disabilities, according to Disability in Philanthropy & Nonprofits, a study conducted and published by RespectAbility.

To help remedy this challenge, RespectAbility is hosting a webinar session Tuesday, July 28 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm ET / 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 pm PT.

The webinar, part of part of a 5-day major online #ADA30 summit celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, will focus on ensuring that nonprofits, foundations and other community-based organizations have the knowledge, resource and mindset needed to be inclusive of all people in their communities, including people with disabilities, RespectAbility explains, in a media release.

PART 1: Inclusive Philanthropy

The social sector (philanthropy, nonprofits and public agencies) is a leader in the movement for diversity, equity and inclusion in society. However, only recently has philanthropy identified the need to include people with disabilities in that effort. Learn with top experts who are moving this process forward.

  • Moderator: Stacy Palmer, Editor, The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Kym Eisner, leading funder of groups empowering people with Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Stephanie Lomibao, Program Manager, Bank of America Charitable Foundation
  • Jose Luis Plaza, Manager, California Endowment
  • Lisa Trygg, leading funder of programs that enable people with developmental and other disabilities to thrive

PART 2: How to Include People with Disabilities

Learn how to welcome, respect and include the 1-in-5 people who live with a physical, sensory, cognitive, learning, mental health or other disability.

  • Introduction: Vivian Bass, Executive Committee, RespectAbility
  • Moderator: Debbie Fink, Director of Community Outreach & Impact, RespectAbility
  • Lachi, Recording Artist
  • Lauren Arena, Ms. Wheelchair NY 2020
  • Sasha Ross Becker, Graphic Designer
  • Ketrina Hazell, Ms. Wheelchair NY 2018
  • Zazel-Chavah O’Garra, MSW, Social Worker, Founder & Artistic Director of ZCO/DANCEPROJECT
  • Dr. Nelle Richardson, Pastor, Founder and CEO of The Will to Win Ministry
  • Abigail Shaw, Learning Ally: College Success Program’s Mentorship Coordinator

To view the full #ADA30 schedule, including speakers, bios, and to register, visit RespectAbility.

[Source(s): RespectAbility, PR Newswire]

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