Attention people with disabilities: Do you want to be in a movie? This casting call could be for you. Read on for details.

In a media release, Nifty 16 Productions LLC and Kaplan Bonner Inc jointly announce reportedly the first virtual open casting call to place not disabled and disabled actors in the upcoming silver screen production of “Tough Sledding.”

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the virtual casting call is in lieu of in-person auditions. The movie production is slated to begin filming August 2020.

“Tough Sledding” The Movie is based on the gold medal performance of the 2002 Paralympic Sled Hockey team. The casting call intends to engage acting hopefuls and current sled hockey players predominantly from the disability community to fill most of the on-screen roles, the release notes.

“The film industry is ready to embrace inclusion and respectability towards disabled actors,” comments Yaron Kaplan, Co-Producer from Kaplan Bonner Inc, in the release.

“By hosting an open, virtual casting call to highlight the wealth of talent eagerly wanting their break into movies, we hope to establish a new standard for auditions going forward.”

For more information, visit Tough Sledding the Movie.

[Source(s): Megale Public Relations, PRWeb]