Permobil debuts the TiLite Pilot ultra-lightweight manual wheelchair, featuring forward growth adjustment designed to allow the chair to adjust to the child’s growth.

Sized from 8 inches x 9 inches up to 14 inches x 15 inches, the Pilot offers up to 2 inches of growth in seat width and 3 inches of growth in seat depth.

By allowing the seat depth to grow independently of the rest of the adjustments, optimal rear wheel access cam be maintained throughout the growth of the chair. This aims to provide children the most effective propulsion possible without needing to adjust or relearn their push mechanics as the Pilot is designed to quickly and intuitively grow with them, according to a media release from Lebanon, Tenn-based Permobil.

The ultralight wheelchair’s seat pan and side frame panels are made from compression molded carbon fiber, creating a solid foundation that is reportedly 50% lighter than similar components made from aluminum.

The seat pan and side panels provide easy access to the adjustment bolts making changes simple and intuitive. The footrest is also designed to be adjustable in height and angle to maximize comfort and function.

“When our team set out to create the TiLite Pilot, we wanted to make something that kids could just get in and immediately feel like the world was theirs to explore.” says WB Mick, General Manager Business Unit Manual.

According to Terry Mulkey, Director of Market Development—Manual Wheelchairs, Permobil Americas, something that makes the TiLite Pilot particularly distinctive is that it is not built as a smaller version of an adult wheelchair. Such designs, he says, may be heavy and have poor wheel access that makes it difficult for children to push. In contrast, Mulkey notes in the media release, “The TiLite Pilot was designed to grow, encourage exploration, provide greater independence and, of course, be fun!”

[Source: Permobil]