The Maverick Xtreme AT fiberglass prosthetic foot, new from Freedom Innovations, features a split-keel design that is suitable for variable terrains or extreme activities.

“The Maverick AT comes with all the benefits of Freedom Innovations’ original Maverick Xtreme, plus offers increased ground compliance from the split keel design. It is perfect for users who don’t want to sacrifice comfort and peace of mind during extreme activities as well as everyday life,” says David Smith, chairman and CEO of the Irvine, Calif-based Freedom Innovations, in a media release.

The split-keel design provides +/- 16 degrees of inversion or eversion for all-terrain control and enhanced stability.

In addition, the Maverick Xtreme AT features a “wave” heel plate that provides heel energy storage and return. It is also waterproof and comes in regular and sandal toe options.

[Source(s): Freedom Innovations, Business Wire]